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Caring for Christmas cactus

April 10, 2014 – 04:57 am


If you're lucky, you could receive a Christmas cactus as a gift this holiday season. This common houseplant blooms during the Christmas season, but its long green arms are attractive throughout the year. With cultivars in a rainbow of colors, it is a plant worthy of appreciation. These 10 facts about Christmas cacti will help you to care for your plant if you happen to receive one this holiday season.

It's called a "cactus, " but it thrives in cooler temperatures. Christmas cacti need to be kept away from heat sources. According to the Purdue University Extension Service, a Christmas cactus will blossom longer when exposed to only cooler temperatures. For best results, keep your Christmas cactus in a cool place (away from heaters and fireplaces) where there are not frequent drafts. Right next to a frequently used door would not be a good place. Big changes in temperature can cause the blooms to drop off the plant before they open. The optimal temperature for Christmas cacti is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Christmas cacti need light to bloom. According to the Purdue University Extension Service, keeping your Christmas cactus in a sunny location indoors is the key to prolonged blooms. However, if you move it outside during the summer, you'll have the most success in a partially shaded location, because too much direct light can burn the leaves.

The Christmas cactus is native to Brazil. These epiphytes (a plant that grows on top of another plant nonparasitically) grow in the Brazilian rain forest, among tree branches, according to Clemson University Cooperative Extension. Since they are tropical plants, they thrive in humid conditions.


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Sounds like you will be traveling...

I suggest you have a live flower sent to their home to arrive just before you get there... something like an azalea or a Thanksgiving cactus plant, or a Christmas Cactus plant.
While there, I recommend you be very active in helping prepare meals, serve and clean up after the meals.
Offer to do things like peeling the potatoes, set the table, etc.
Since you are going to be there for 4 days, offer to run the vacuum before guests arrive, etc.
Offer to make quick trips to the grocery store as you see the need.
If there are children in the family, help entertain the children to give their parents a break

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