Thanksgiving cactus red leaves

Christmas Cactus with red leaves?

March 5, 2013 – 11:06 am

Of Thanksgiving Cactus

I thought it was said it (Zen's plant) was just repotted this summer. It doesn't look like a problem plant to me, at this point. Zen's plant isn't the original one of this discussion.

But I'm not sure how it was repotted this summer, from this comment, "The roots are pretty bound so the potting mix will just be on bottom and sides unless I break it up some." I don't think I'd use a totally different type of soil to do this (orchid mix around a likely ball of peat?)

Zen, separating roots from a rock-hard, hydrophobic ball of peat is not easy, even if soaked first. Sometimes I do more harm than good, finding it impossible to remove the peat without ripping the roots off too. I'm hesitant to buy any more of these, tiny plants in balls of peat, especially succulents. I killed some little ones I got this spring trying to do this and ended up ripping them up. Killed 'em trying to fix 'em.

Bigger plants usually have enough of a root ball that one can chop off the bottom half, which then usually enables the remaining peat to be able to be removed from the empty center. I would have confidence you could do that with yours, but if it were my plant, I'd do it early next summer.

Josh, is that what you meant by when the time is right (next spring/summer?)

On the C/S forum, colorful TC leaves are considered desirable, healthy. Not all TC's are prone to turning colors, as I think my pic shows. I have these plants in various exposures this summer, and even some of those hanging in the shade of trees, not getting nearly as much light as others, turned purple. All are making flower buds and I'm glad to have some of both kinds of leaves. But if forced to choose, I would rather have a TC with pretty purple leaves that never blooms than a plain green one with flowers. There's a million and 12 plain green leaved plants that make flowers. Just MVHO.


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Sounds like you will be traveling...

I suggest you have a live flower sent to their home to arrive just before you get there... something like an azalea or a Thanksgiving cactus plant, or a Christmas Cactus plant.
While there, I recommend you be very active in helping prepare meals, serve and clean up after the meals.
Offer to do things like peeling the potatoes, set the table, etc.
Since you are going to be there for 4 days, offer to run the vacuum before guests arrive, etc.
Offer to make quick trips to the grocery store as you see the need.
If there are children in the family, help entertain the children to give their parents a break

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