Thanksgiving cactusn.

A Brazilian epiphytic cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) having irregular flowers and jointed flat stems with sharply serrate margins. Also called crab cactus.

[From the time of year at which it blooms.]

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Noun 1. Thanksgiving cactus - South American jointed cactus with usually red flowers Thanksgiving cactus - South American jointed cactus with usually red flowers; often cultivated as a houseplant; sometimes classified as genus Schlumbergeragenus Zygocactus, Zygocactus - small genus of Brazilian cacti having flat fleshy usually branched joints and showy red or pink flowers followed by red fleshy fruits

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, which when eaten can result in vomiting and diarrhea.Withers humorously suggests that a Christmas cactus could actually be called a July cactus, an Easter cactus, or Thanksgiving cactus depending on when it blooms.I tried to keep track of which was Thanksgiving cactus, which was Christmas cactus, and which were hybrids, but then I learned that most have been so heavily hybridized that their lineage has all the certitude of a scrambled egg.


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Agree, the bougies should be blooming now.

The jasmine at our nursery aren't really blooming right now (each variety seems to bloom in different cycles).
I wouldn't prune the bougs right now because I don't think they'd have enough time to flush back out to bloom by Thanksgiving(?)
A light application of a bloom builder type fertilizer might help (one with a higher phosphorus content--middle number on the fert bag). Make sure not to apply on totally drought stressed plants though. Bougs like it more towards the dry side (but not cactus dry) otherwise.

Christmas Cactus Unrooted Cuttings 'Lavender' Variety
Lawn & Patio ()
  • Easy to Grow.
  • A holiday and year round favorite.
  • Buds bloom from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
  • Three healthy unrooted cuttings are 2-4 segments each.
  • Roots can take 4 to 6 weeks to grow.

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