Thanksgiving Cactus characteristics

Confusion Between Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti

April 13, 2014 – 05:26 am

Cactus. The pink pollen of the

The Thanksgiving cactus generally begins flowering in mid to late November and continues into December. Other common names of this cactus are the crab cactus and claw cactus. These names come from the pointed 'teeth' that exist on the flattened jointed stem segments. The Christmas cactus normally begins to flower about Christmas and continues flowering into January. The stem segments of Christmas cactus are more rounded and do not have the forward-pointing projections. Both plants have a drooping characteristic, but Christmas cactus, particularly as a young plant, tends to hang downward more than Thanksgiving cactus.

The flowers of both cacti are very similar. If there is any confusion as to the difference of the plants, they can also be identified from each other from the flowers. Flowers of the Thanksgiving cactus have anthers that bear the pollen which are yellowish in color, while they are purplish in the Christmas cactus. Botanically, the confusion between them has been equally great. The Thanksgiving cactus was once called Epiphyllum truncationand Zygocactus truncatusbut now it is identified as Schlumbergera truncata

Christmas cactus was also sometimes incorrectly called by one these older botanical names, but its current accepted botanical name is Schlumbergera Bredgesii To further confuse the issue, the Easter cactus, which also is a similar appearing plant, was once classed as a Schlumbergera but has been reclassified and is botanically Rhipsalidopsis Gaertneri Whatever name you choose to call these holiday cacti, all require similar growing conditions and cultural needs for flowering. In November, those who have plants should see flower buds well formed or flowers open on the Thanksgiving cactus.


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Photo 1: Thanksgiving salad fixin's, "Cherry Bell" radish and "Buttercrunch" lettuce seedlings. Radish is saved seed. Lettuce is 10 cent/pack seeds from local drugstore.
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