Thanksgiving cactus Care outdoors

Holiday Cactus – Care

March 20, 2014 – 01:23 am

So if you keep them outdoors
If your flower buds fall off, warm temperatures are the likely cause. After flowering, give the plant a three week rest period by watering only enough to keep the soil slightly moist. After the rest period, begin watering and fertilizing normally. Bring it outside in late April.


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Twice_shy's October Garden Tour

Welcome to Twice_shy's October Garden Tour
Photo 1: Thanksgiving salad fixin's, "Cherry Bell" radish and "Buttercrunch" lettuce seedlings. Radish is saved seed. Lettuce is 10 cent/pack seeds from local drugstore.
Photo 2: Dahlias making their last show for the season. Not sure of the first variety, some kind of burgandy colored cactus type; the second globe shaped one is named "Rose Toscano" as I recall. I dig these up in early winter, divide & store, then replant in the spring or sprout stem cuttings from a pot tuber. The entire yard could be nothing but dahlias in a year or two, they propagate very easily

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