Thanksgiving cactus Blooming in February

3 Most Popular Holiday Cacti Vegetable Garden Tips and Hints

April 16, 2013 – 01:27 pm

Thanksgiving Cactus

Meet the Three Holiday Cacti-Christmas cactus, Easter cactus, and Thanksgiving cactus are the three most known holiday cacti. It may not be easy to distinguish the holiday cacti from one another because the three cacti look alike. The difference of the three popular cacti would be the time their flowers blossom.

The Easter cactus blooms from February to May and the Thanksgiving cactus starts to bloom a month before the Christmas cactus until the first month of the following year.

Unlike the two cacti, the Easter cactus is from Rhipsalidopsis species. Easter cactus is scientifically known as Rhipsalidopsis gaetneri.

All plants grow in the wild jungle of South and Central America.Christmas cactus from Kingdom Plantae is a flowering cactus. This plant is anepiphytic cacti native to South America.The stems are the leaves, and never with thorns, unlike the cactus we are very familiar. When we think of cacti, we immediately think of dessert. The holiday cacti, however, need water. The soil should always remain moist but not too wet.

For some, Christmas cactus is also known as Orchids cactus because of its flowers. Gardeners are proud to give their friends blooming during Christmas because it is uniquely beautiful.Crab cactus or popularly known as Thanksgiving cactus is often sold in the market as Christmas cactus. Same as Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus is an epiphyte that grows in Brazil.

  • It is easy to differentiate the two cacti, Thanksgiving cacti has sections that ends in points while Christmas cactus has rounded lobes. The flowers of a Thanksgiving cactus blooms in autumn. The flowers bloom just before the Thanksgiving celebration and continues to blossom until January. The care for Thanksgiving cactus is the same with Christmas cactus.

This is also a marvelous gift idea to neighbors and friends.Spring is the time when an Easter cactus blooms, this is also why it is known as spring cactus. Although it blooms in-spring, cold temperature is still relevant in Easter cactus like the other holiday cacti. This will help in developing flower buds. Easter cactus develop buds just after the Thanksgiving cactus ends blooming. It blooms between April to May, hence the name Easter cactus for the Easter celebration that usually happens during those months.

Like the Thanksgiving cactus, Easter cactus is also often mistaken as Xmas cactus. Having a green thumb is not necessary in growing and blooming whether a Christmas cactus, Easter Cactus or Thanksgiving cactus. Dedication in following the guidelines in watering, light exposure, and temperature maintenance should be enough.

Always remember the origin of the plant so you will be able to give it the chance to grow in an environment where it came from. Also, propagate the plant every after bloom. Transfer it to a bigger pot so it will get enough nutrients, fertilize it if possible because the soil and water will not be able to give it all its needs.


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Welcome to Twice_shy's October Garden Tour
Photo 1: Thanksgiving salad fixin's, "Cherry Bell" radish and "Buttercrunch" lettuce seedlings. Radish is saved seed. Lettuce is 10 cent/pack seeds from local drugstore.
Photo 2: Dahlias making their last show for the season. Not sure of the first variety, some kind of burgandy colored cactus type; the second globe shaped one is named "Rose Toscano" as I recall. I dig these up in early winter, divide & store, then replant in the spring or sprout stem cuttings from a pot tuber. The entire yard could be nothing but dahlias in a year or two, they propagate very easily

Hirt's Hirt's White Christmas Cactus Plant - Zygocactus - 4" pot
Lawn & Patio (Hirt's)
  • Homegrown by Hirt s Gardens
  • Easy to grow. Blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Prefers morning sun or very bright, indirect light
  • Water when dry
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4 pot

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