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Top Annual Plant Pairings

July 14, 2012 – 07:23 am

Easy Wave Petunia Baskets

The deep, velvety tones of 'Storm Blue' petunia mix beautifully with the clean white flowers of 'Maverick White' geranium. This easy-to-grow combination creates a bold contrast that will enliven any garden bed or container.

Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil.

Use Bold Color in Hot Spots

One of our favorite annuals is angelonia. It seems like this tough plant can take just about any sort of weather. And the deep blue flowers of 'Angelmist Purple' make an ideal contrast for the bright 'Orange Profusion' zinnia blooms.

Create a Color Contrast

Use Foliage and Flowers

You don't have to rely on flowers for stunning annual combinations. Here, 'Orange Profusion' zinnias and geranium 'Occold Shield' look great -- even without the geranium's double coral blooms.

More Foliage Ideas

Annual licorice vine's fuzzy, silvery foliage makes it a great foil for any brightly colored bloom. Here, it blends beautifully with the bright pink flowers of 'Profusion Cherry' zinnia. Both of these ultra-tough plants stand up to heat and drought, too.

Make a Purple Color Combo

Rich purple can make any garden shine, especially when complemented with a more soothing tone. Here, bold 'Purple Wave' petunias make an excellent partner for annual ageratum. These tough plants both take hot conditions like champions.

Create Instant Impact

While using bold colors can create a knock-your-socks-off look, don't forget about texture. Here, the fuzzy blooms of 'Blue Horizon' ageratum offer an intriguing contrast to a flowering maple's orange hibiscus-shaped blossoms.

Take Advantage of Texture

Melampodium is a top-notch mounding plant with loads of yellow flowers. Its mounding form brings to life the spiky shape of 'Victoria' blue salvia and creates lots of bold interest. The two are accented with the white blooms of a shrub rose.

Create Cheer with Yellow Flowers

Yellow is an invigorating color and can be used with great effect in the garden. Its boldness catches the eye -- and it feels happy. This picture-perfect pairing features 'Talent Yellow' gazania, Dahlberg daisy, and white sweet alyssum.

Build Layers of Color

Layers of color and texture create loads of interest in the garden. Plant varieties that reach different heights to bring drama to your beds, borders, and containers. Here, 'Victoria' blue salvia rises above mounds of creamy-white 'Perfume Antique Lime' nicotiana and 'Lemon Gem' marigolds.

Source: www.bhg.com

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Care for container garden while vacationing

Should I leave my container garden out in the potential heat (or rain)? or put it safely in the 3 sided entrance walkway to the backdoor where the containers will surely receive no rain, sunshine, or drought?
I have 7 plastic two-gallon containers, one metal 30 gallon container, one plastic five gallon container, 3 plastic 40 gallon container, one ceramic 5 gallon container, one large hanging cocoa-liner basket, one small plastic hanging basket and one ceramic 3 gallon container. Most contain vegetables (including the large hanging basket). Peppers, tomatoes, and spinach as well as wave petunias, daisies, pansies (that the stupid rabbit keeps finding a way to eat!!!), marigolds, and other random flowers that sounded good while browsing the nursery

RNgardens Double Wave Red Petunia Seeds Seed Pack
Single Detail Page Misc (RNgardens)
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun Uses: Outdoor
  • Plant Height 15 in - 18 in Plant Width 24 in
  • Petunias are unrivaled for long-lasting color in the border, patio containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets.
  • They bring in the butterflies with their clear, glowing blooms, and are quite low-maintenance
  • Growing instructions included in packets.

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