Heirloom Petunias that are fragrant are some of my favorites to use

April 24, 2014 – 07:01 am

California Giant Petunia grandifloraCalifornia Giant Petunia is a beautiful old-fashioned petunia that I have planted the past few years. The photos below are from my heirloom petunias I grew in 2012. This year the seed I planted was not the same as this one in 2012 and they were not as beautiful or fragrant! Make sure you do not use up all your seeds the year you plant your heirloom flowers. I purchased these California Giant Petunias from Select Seeds, and they were the most beautiful old-fashioned flowers that filled the garden with fragrance at dusk. eed Company, and they were not as beautiful or hardy as the ones I planted in 2012. I did not even bother taking any pictures of the ones I grew this year since they were not much to look at or even mention!

They provide a tropical look in the garden….

I start my petunia plants in March which makes them perfect for setting out in early spring. They bloom until frost and sometimes even past our frost dates if it warms up a bit during the day.

The veining reminded me of a water color painting....I feel California Giants look better in the garden bed intermingling with other flowers, not in planters. They are excellent for companion planting in vegetable beds. Petunias are part of the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers, + potatoes) which makes them perfect for pest control in these beds. They repel a variety of pests! In 2013, I planted them in all my tomato beds, and I have yet to find a tomato horn worm in my summer gardens!

We took out some old bushes in our front yard and planted some annual petunias in their place.

Here, is heirloom Old-Fashioned Climbing Petunia. I had a few containers throughout the garden in 2012. They don’t smell like much during the day, but when the sun sets they fill the garden with a wonderful fragrance!

I like the simple cheerful look of these petunias in pots. They work in both garden beds and containers.

Heirloom Old-Fashioned Climbing petunias in the morning light…..

I will be saving seeds from these in 2014 from my own plants. We need to keep the heirloom and old varieties alive and pass them on to other gardeners. Each year they are replaced by new hybrids that do not have the grace, fragrance, history and simple beauty of these old-fashioned flowers.

They are very drought tolerant which is ideal for our humid summers. Circa 1907

Source: palmraeurbanpotager.com

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