Flowers A to Z: P is for Petunia

October 10, 2013 – 11:36 am


  • Petunias belong to the Family Solanaceae, which also includes cape gooseberries, tomatoes, tobacco and potatoes. Petunias are native to South America and bloom during spring and summer.
  • There are four types of Petunias: Grandiflora, Hedgiflora, Multiflora and Milliflora.bouquet colors and forms. Hedgiflora are also called as ground-cover and are specified by low height. Multiflora are similar to Grandiflora, but its flowers are smaller in diameter. Milliflora are the smallest species, whose flowers measure 1 inch in diameter.


  • The petunias are very easy to grow, require very little care but are delicate flowers. When planting, make sure they are in direct sunlight with good drainage. Try to keep them out of harsh elements, for the petals of petunias are delicate. If that is not an option, choose a Multiflora petunia, for they are the most hardy.
  • Because Petunias constantly bud, frequent pruning is recommended.


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50+ Laura Bush Iridesent Pink Petunia Flower Seeds
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