New Year, New Ideas: Container Flowers

June 20, 2014 – 03:11 pm

When choosing containers I try to use the most common ceramic, metal, plastic and wooden boxes, hanging baskets, flower pots and vases.

To add a new touch to my garden, I think to combine several containers of different shapes, or may be to paint plastic and metal ones as I like. Keep in mind that containers of ceramic or wood evaporate moisture faster, but they allow oxygen to plant roots. I have old containers made of metal and plastic that retain longer moisture in the soil, so I always do the drainage, that is very important. I'm planning to use pieces of old foam plastic for drainage instead of moss that I have no more.

I try to place the plants with the same requirements to light in one container and take in account how much sun plants can get. But container, pot, box can always be moved to a sunny place!

Thinking over a combination of plants is important especially when growing seedlings. When I buy seedlings, can already imagine how they will be combined in a flowerpot. I prefer the higher flowers to be planted in the middle (as gladioli), the lower plants to put along the edges (as anemones, lobelia) in a big vase.

By my experience container plants do not require special care. essary prune stretched shoots of petunias, geraniums,

begonias, impatiens, sweet peas and cut up the dry gladioli stalks. Tall flowers need support. I had already collected sticks of bushes, thin branches of trees, metal rods to support these plants in containers.


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I'd include sweet alyssum with the petunias

I have white sweet alyssum planted with white petunias at the top of my retaining wall, and it's a pretty combination: tiny, snow-flake alyssum flowers with larger, delicate petunias. It would look very nice in the pots next to your mailbox: two alyssum plants and two petunia plants in each pot. I got the idea from an upscale nursery here in Seattle. They had that combination in a gigantic pot, and it looked just beautiful. I don't know if this matters to you as a beginner, but sweet alyssum attracts many beneficial insects to your garden, and that reduces problems with pests.
I've always found the light blue petunias with the dark blue veins to be very pretty

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