Flower Box Awards: Sonia's Pretty Petunias

January 29, 2014 – 10:36 am

2007may27fba1.jpg Our 2nd award of 2007!

Name: Sonia
Location: In her back yard in Prospect Heights

We have a little gift in the mail to you: a pot from Ecoforms and seed packets from SelectSeeds.com to help make your garden grow. Enjoy!

At first glance we wondered where Sonia bought planters in that color. We should have known it was a DIY project! This is a great send-off for this bright, sunny Memorial Day weekend. Take a look after the jump...

In Sonia's words:

The flowerboxes are plastic terra cotta planters I got from the hardware store. I drilled holes in the back, spray painted them aqua, and then tied them to my fence using zip ties that thread through the drilled holes and the fencing. I'm pretty proud of them.

2007mayfba2.jpg 2007mayfba3.jpg

Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com

GardeningWill Green Round Platics Printed Global Gold High and Deep Planter with Saucers-2 Gallon 2pcs
Lawn & Patio (GardeningWill)
  • Matte surface, printing process, it have leak holes.
  • Strong, large ultra-deep. Ideal for petunia, lilies and other plants grow.
  • Made of high quality plastic, exquisite workmanship.
  • Innovative functionality and exquisite color design and finish
  • Size:160x160x175 mm

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I'd include sweet alyssum with the petunias

I have white sweet alyssum planted with white petunias at the top of my retaining wall, and it's a pretty combination: tiny, snow-flake alyssum flowers with larger, delicate petunias. It would look very nice in the pots next to your mailbox: two alyssum plants and two petunia plants in each pot. I got the idea from an upscale nursery here in Seattle. They had that combination in a gigantic pot, and it looked just beautiful. I don't know if this matters to you as a beginner, but sweet alyssum attracts many beneficial insects to your garden, and that reduces problems with pests.
I've always found the light blue petunias with the dark blue veins to be very pretty

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