Magenta Petunia Flower(পিটুনিয়া ফুল)

March 11, 2014 – 11:23 pm

এই ফুল আমাদের দেশের বনে জঙ্গলে হয়না, শুধু মাত্র বাগানে শখ করে অথবা সৌন্দর্য বর্ধনের জন্যই লাগানো হয়.

Petunia is a very popular ornamental plant and can be used as bedding at a garden. There are lot of hybrids available around the world and found almost in every color. This plant is originally belongs to South America. Not sure about the scientific name, possibly it is Petunia × hybrida. It is unsure when this flower first came to Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ). But now a days both the laymen and amateurs are using this flower at their gardens.

Petunia flower has a shape of trumpet. Stems and bracts are hairy and sometimes sticky. This is a prolific blooming plant and used to give flower more or less at every seasons, but most profound during the summer. This plant can sustain in heat, but not too much heat. Plant is susceptible to the water. Stagnant water around the plant can cause death. p>There are two types of Petunias around the world, Grandifloras and Multifloras. First one is larger in size and showy, whereas second one is the smaller and sustains in rain. Petunia can not stand frost, so if you are preparing to plant this at your garden, then do if after the winter is over.


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I'd include sweet alyssum with the petunias

I have white sweet alyssum planted with white petunias at the top of my retaining wall, and it's a pretty combination: tiny, snow-flake alyssum flowers with larger, delicate petunias. It would look very nice in the pots next to your mailbox: two alyssum plants and two petunia plants in each pot. I got the idea from an upscale nursery here in Seattle. They had that combination in a gigantic pot, and it looked just beautiful. I don't know if this matters to you as a beginner, but sweet alyssum attracts many beneficial insects to your garden, and that reduces problems with pests.
I've always found the light blue petunias with the dark blue veins to be very pretty

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