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Tropical Conditions Grow Beautiful Flowers in Miami

August 2, 2013 – 12:49 pm


Thickleaf Petunias, Orange Blossoms and Powderpuff flowers are just a few of the many different flowers in Miami that thrive off its tropical like weather and soil. Located at the southernmost tip of the beautiful Sunshine state, Miami has a climate conducive to growing flowers often found in rainforest. With an abundance of rain and sun Miami is ideal for many native and non-native beautiful flowers to grow and thrive.

Thickleaf wild petunia is not in fact a true petunia, but with it has bluish-pink flowers that resemble petunias. This plant can grow as tall as 12 to 18 inches, and enjoys lighting from partial shade to full sun. Thickleaf wild petunia blooms all year and prefers sandy soil that drains easily making Miami a perfect home for them.

In 1909 the Florida Legislature declared the Orange Blossom, the fragrant Citrus sinensis, the official state flower of Florida. The orange trees bearing these white blossoms are indigenous to Southeast Asia and grow in abundance in central and southern Florida. Miami's climate which is subtropical mirrors Citrus sinensis' native growing conditions.

Powerpuff is named form the pink, bubble-like shape of its inflorescence. Other names for the flowering plant Mimosa strigillosa include mimosa, sunshine mimosa and the sensitive plant. Powerpuff's grows in all areas of the Sunshine State. It grows best with well-drained sandy soil and full sunlight. . Powerpuff is a small but resistant plant capable of enduring heavy foot traffic and lawn maintenance. This mat-forming groundcover frequently germinates along the edge of forests, and along hiking trails and roadsides.

Hibiscus tiliaceus or Mahoe is a flowering tree from the tropical seashores Africa and Polynesia. The subtropical and tropical regions in central and southern Florida as well as the Florida Keys provide perfect conditions for this aggressive tree. Mahoe are large, bright-yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with a garnet center which have the tendency to grow sideways or point downwards. Like other plants in the mallow family, the flowers change different hues as they age. They have large, ivy-colored leaves which steal sunlight from its competitors. Miami-Dade County includes Mahoe on the list of invasive plant species.

Florida is famous for its Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, otherwise known as hibiscus shrubs. They commonly grow in landscapes all over Miami and southern Florida. Their huge flowers and protruding yellow stamens give a tropical look to gardens and landscapes. Hibiscus comes in a vast variety of colors, including white, red, lavender, orange and pink. Flowers are commonly used for cut flower arrangements and displayed inside and outside homes, hotel and businesses.


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I'd include sweet alyssum with the petunias

I have white sweet alyssum planted with white petunias at the top of my retaining wall, and it's a pretty combination: tiny, snow-flake alyssum flowers with larger, delicate petunias. It would look very nice in the pots next to your mailbox: two alyssum plants and two petunia plants in each pot. I got the idea from an upscale nursery here in Seattle. They had that combination in a gigantic pot, and it looked just beautiful. I don't know if this matters to you as a beginner, but sweet alyssum attracts many beneficial insects to your garden, and that reduces problems with pests.
I've always found the light blue petunias with the dark blue veins to be very pretty

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