Petunias an Inspiration for Abstract Painting

June 10, 2014 – 02:17 pm

Purple Petunia Flower

Being a gardener has many other blessing and one of them is to get new inspiration every day for painting. Nature has been an inspiration for many artists and people travel far and long to be near nature. we are the chosen few who are blessed with a terrace garden, the area may be small but the possibilities are unlimited!

I have always loved colourful petunia flowers and as they bring instant colour in your garden and your life, trust me, they have also been as an inspiration for new paintings. We see so many colours and textures in nature and gardening has brought a new angle to my paintings. With some floral paintings coming up along side my healing symbolic paintings I think I will have to try hard not to fall into the genre of nature drawing and painting.

Glowing Magenta Petunia Flower

Rani Pink Petunia Flower

Abstract Painting Inspiration from Petunia flower

Close up of Purple Petunia Flower

The Magenta Flower Abstract

Abstraction in Nature Purple Petunia flower

Magenta Petunia flower close up

The Curls in petunia Flower

Majestic petunia Flower

The Glow in Petunia Flower

The sheer size of the petunia flowers is very appealing and it can bring colour and enhance the aesthetics of your garden. With putting my hands in soil and paints I think I am more near nature and less among humans.

The inspiration is great and am sure it will come up in a new abstract painting and will also act as an inspiration to many artists. Learning to photograph flowers and plants is another skill which I am trying hard to master. With loads of improvement in taking snaps with my mobile phone I wonder whether I not try my hand at professional nature photography (just joking, am happy as an healing artist!).

but some of the photographs are just too good!, I love flowers and especially colourful petunia flowers and at present this season they rule our garden.



3dRose LLC Rebecca Anne Grant Photography Designs Nature Flowers - Purple Petunias Oil Painting - Ornaments - 3 inch Snowflake Porcelain Ornament
Home (3dRose LLC)
  • High gloss finish
  • Overall size is 3 inches
  • Image printed on both sides
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Yep, they'll do a number on geranium flowers

And also petunias, and other ornamental tobacco family plants. There's a good little article from Sunset on the problem here:
Looks like you can use the "organic" Bacillus (BT) for control besides picking each little worm out of there. BT's about the only thing to spray on anyway, since the pest is apparently notoriously immune to insecticides.


Look on leaves for little brown flecks if u find them, u most likely have budworms. the flecks r their poop. they destroy flowers,buds and leaves. I have recently seen japanese beetles obliterate the poor plants in two days. try spraying water lightly over plants and then quickly scan for moving insects, as this may help to identify them..or...shake plant over a bag and see if a bug drops in. this can he also help identify. could b slugs if there is mulch near . check soil on ground or pot for snails ,slugs etc. I hand pick most slugs,snails, and beetles and have good results.good luck

Better Home The fragrant Petunia Frameless paintings canvas modern art of three pieces,canvas prints
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  • Can be adhesived directly to the wall,Removable and repositionable with no sticky residue.
  • This item not including the inside or outside frame because of the expensive shipping cost, it is just Oil painting on the Canvas.
  • 3panels(no mat, no frame)thickness: 12mm

Fine Art America Purple Petunia Flowers Digital Painting Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Paul Velgos
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  • Arrives Ready to Hang with Hanging Wire, Mounting Hooks, and Nails
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Independent Artist Independent Artist, Petunia Flower - Giclee on Paper
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  • Measures Approx. 15.30W x 15.30H Inches
  • Limited Edition of 100
  • Giclee on Paper. Item is unframed as shown. May be custom framed to fit your decor.
  • Certificate of Authenticity from Is Included.

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