Spreading Petunia Seeds and Plants

December 15, 2013 – 11:58 am

Petunia, Purple Wave™ HybridSpreading petunias are extremely vigorous plants that resist heat, cold, drought and rain, creating gorgeous carpets of color summer to fall. Mass in beds or billow from tubs and baskets. Space 24" apart.

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Unique climbing petunia blazes with bright-purple, super-...

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Sun: Full Sun, Part Sun

Purple Wave petunia, the original groundcover petunia.

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A Burpee Exclusive

Five tranquil Wave colors—a shimmering blanket for...

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Petunia, Magic Carpet Hybrid Mix Overflowing mini-blooms. The only mini-flowered petunia from...

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Uses: Beds, Borders, Container

The original ground cover petunia and a prodigious bloomer...

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Big, ruffled blooms in tie dye patterns.

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Nonstop waves of darling blooms in powder white with lemon...

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Knock-out new bicolor: dark purple blooms with a cream edge.

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Uses: Beds, Container, Filler, Spiller

An exciting deep, bright red version of Purple Wave.

more info Petunia,  Spreading,  Shock Wave Denim Petunia,  Rose Wave Hybrid Petunia,  Tie Dye Hybrid Petunia,  Baby Duck

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Yep, they'll do a number on geranium flowers

And also petunias, and other ornamental tobacco family plants. There's a good little article from Sunset on the problem here:
Looks like you can use the "organic" Bacillus (BT) for control besides picking each little worm out of there. BT's about the only thing to spray on anyway, since the pest is apparently notoriously immune to insecticides.


Look on leaves for little brown flecks if u find them, u most likely have budworms. the flecks r their poop. they destroy flowers,buds and leaves. I have recently seen japanese beetles obliterate the poor plants in two days. try spraying water lightly over plants and then quickly scan for moving insects, as this may help to identify them..or...shake plant over a bag and see if a bug drops in. this can he also help identify. could b slugs if there is mulch near . check soil on ground or pot for snails ,slugs etc. I hand pick most slugs,snails, and beetles and have good results.good luck

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Allstate Floral 17" Mini Petunia Hanging Bush w/66 Flw. 179 Lvs. Two Tone Yellow (Pack of 12)
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