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February 27, 2014 – 05:53 pm

Petunia (Petunia Grandiflora F1 Single Position Burgundy) - Petunias are the most popular annuals for lots of color and long-lasting performance! Easy-to-grow from Petunia seeds, these little annuals are excellent for bedding plants or for containers and baskets. They love a hot patio!

Petunia (Petunia Grandiflora F1 Single Position Pink) - No garden is complete without a display of pink Petunia flowers! The Petunia Grandiflora plant has so much to offer all summer and into the fall. Establish them by sowing Petunia seeds, and plant them all throughout your sunny garden areas and in baskets and pots.

Petunia (Petunia Grandiflora F1 Single Position Red) - What a brilliant shade of red that is sure to add a touch of drama to the flower garden! You cannot have too many red Petunia flowers, so start Petunia flower seeds and have a mass grouping to keep heads turning for a second look! Red Petunia plants have medium to fine, oval, green leaves and sticky, strongly scented stems.

Petunia (Petunia Grandiflora F1 Single Position Salmon) - Even if you have never gardened before, these salmon Petunia seeds are a must-have for some lovely summer color. This low-growing, compact Petunia plant provides an abundance of blooms all season long. Petunia Grandiflora uses include: borders, beds, window boxes and containers of all kinds.

Petunia (Petunia Grandiflora F1 Single Position White) - How attractive is a display of sparkling white Petunias in the summer garden! Easy-to-grow from Petunia seeds, this Petunia Grandiflora white combines the best of both worlds as it has the superb garden performance of the smaller flowered Multifloras plus the large showy blooms of the Grandifloras.

Petunia (Petunia Grandiflora F1 Single Position Yellow) - Petunia Grandiflora is a traditional summer bedding favorite, and this yellow variety is one you will definitely want to add to your flower garden. Petunia Grandiflora yellow flowers easily establish from flower seeds, and they have large, color-drenched blooms that bloom early and heavily all summer long. Petunias are both reliable and colorful making them a favorite of gardeners!

Petunia (Petunia Hybrida Mix) - What a dazzling arrangement of colorful blooms with colors of white, pink, salmon-scarlet, dark blue, azure blue and rose. Petunia Hybrida plants are the most popular and widely used summer flowering annual, and they are easily started with Petunia seeds.

Petunia (Petunia Multiflora Quinto Blue) - Whether trying to fill window boxes, hanging baskets, or a flower bed, this blue Petunia will be perfect for you. It establishes easily from Petunia seeds, and the dwarf, compact plants get absolutely smothered by blue flowers. What a gorgeous display!


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I m a little lonely petunia in an onion …
I'm a little lonely petunia in an onion …

Yep, they'll do a number on geranium flowers

And also petunias, and other ornamental tobacco family plants. There's a good little article from Sunset on the problem here:
Looks like you can use the "organic" Bacillus (BT) for control besides picking each little worm out of there. BT's about the only thing to spray on anyway, since the pest is apparently notoriously immune to insecticides.


Look on leaves for little brown flecks if u find them, u most likely have budworms. the flecks r their poop. they destroy flowers,buds and leaves. I have recently seen japanese beetles obliterate the poor plants in two days. try spraying water lightly over plants and then quickly scan for moving insects, as this may help to identify them..or...shake plant over a bag and see if a bug drops in. this can he also help identify. could b slugs if there is mulch near . check soil on ground or pot for snails ,slugs etc. I hand pick most slugs,snails, and beetles and have good results.good luck

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