Container Idea Featuring Lemon Zest Petunias

August 16, 2012 – 06:58 am

042909_mothers-day-gift-petuniasI alluded to how much I am in love with lemon zest petunias yesterday, so allow me to show you why I like them so much…

Aren’t these just…tasty?! They spill over the sides of pots very nicely, and man-o-man are their yellow and white flowers show stoppers! I paid $5.98 for a petunia, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

This is a view of the completed pot, although I feel like the shot doesn’t do the pot justice (I really should fire my photographer!). I used a metal bucket from the hardware store and filled it with the lemon zest petunias, molimba helio double pink, and bluebird nemesia.

Here’s how to create something similar:

Gather up everything you’ll need, including a metal bucket, the three plants, potting soil, a hammer, and either an awl or a large nail.

Make several holes (I made five) in the bottom of the bucket, using the hammer and awl (or nail).

Fill the pot with some potting soil and then add in the largest plant (in this case, it’s the petunia). You want the petunia’s soil line to be about an inch below the lip of the bucket.

Add in more potting soil and place the two smaller plants around the petunia. Then fill in with more dirt so that there are no spaces left in between the plants and the soil line in level throughout the pot.

042909_mothers-day-gift 042909_mothers-day-gift-1 042909_mothers-day-gift-2 042909_mothers-day-gift-3


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