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August 25, 2012 – 08:13 am

COMMON NAME: petunia
GENUS: Petunia
P. grandiflora-large flowers.
P. multiflora-prolific bloomer.
FAMILY: Solanaceae
BLOOMS: summer
TYPE: annual
DESCRIPTION: Petunia flowers come in quite an array of candy-store colors including red, pink, dark blue, light blue, purple, and yellow. The flowers are single or double and can be as wide as 7 inches across. The leaves are light green and somewhat sticky. Many varieties are trailing and creeping and good to use in hanging baskets.
CULTIVATION: Heat and drought tolerant, petunias are a favorite summer bedding plant all over the country. Start seeds indoors eight to ten weeks before you set out the plants, after danger of frost has passed. Place them in full sun in average soil. The blooming period can be extended by removing the spent blossoms.

Spanish explorers first found petunias growing near the coast of Argentina in the early sixteenth century. That first species was a low-growing, trailing plant with a fragrant white flower and was not of particular beauty. The Indians called it petun, or "worthless tobacco, " and the plant was not thought to be of sufficient value to be sent back to Spain.
Three hundred years later, after the Napoleonic Wars had put Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte on the Spanish throne, French explorers were sent to Argentina. tobacco family. The plant was then made available to European gardeners but was essentially ignored.
In 1831 another species of petunia was found in Argentina and sent to Europe, but again it gained no popularity there. It was not until plant breeders in the United States began extensive hybridization work on petunias and produced a miraculous variety of plant forms and colors that petunias began to receive favorable attention. Now petunias are enormously popular. They are quite adaptable and will grow in each one of the fifty states. This plant's ability to withstand drought conditions has earned the love and admiration of gardeners everywhere.


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Day 3 (cont)

I think these things as Yosif worked his long, broad strokes: Should it be today? Should I knick his throat as we stroll through the flowers, watch him fall like a bewitched prince among the tall irises and the Japanese anemones? Or should I kiss him, nip playfully at his eager lips; open a tiny wound so he might receive a poisonous relief to his constant burning? Let him slide gently down into the twilit lake of the Tuileries. Yes, I like the sound of that. It is poetry. It will be a consummation of sublime romance.
"Ah, Inge!" I finished the young sheikh with a combination of subtle moves guaranteed to maximize his pleasure, and he fell back on the seat

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Robert Harding Photo Mug of Petunia flowers, Petunia Hybrida taken in July from Robert Harding
Kitchen (Robert Harding)
  • PHOTO MUG This Photo Mug features an image of Petunia flowers, Petunia Hybrida taken in July chosen by Robert Harding. Estimated image size 119x80mm.
  • 11oz White ceramic coffee mug. Image printed using sublimation ink process. Microwave, dishwasher safe
  • Image Description Petunia flowers, Petunia Hybrida taken in July Petunia flowers, Petunia Hybrida taken in July.
  • For any queries regarding this image please contact Robert Harding quoting Reference 1151441
  • Image supplied and selected by Robert Harding. (c) Michael Black

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