Bedding plants

July 12, 2014 – 05:39 pm

DSCF0540This the first year we've had more than the odd one or two bedding plants. This is largely because I don't rate annuals as good value for money - they only last one season. On the other hand there have been a lot of perennials that have lasted only one season or less thanks to the pests and weather so maybe the perennials aren't always that good value either in Tipperty.

Anyhow this year we have a few hundred bedding plants because we got freebies from T&M (busy lizzies mainly) and reduced plants from B&Q - (the £1 instead of £4 for trays of 24 bedding plants - two trays of monkey flowers that are going great and one tray of petunias.) Eeee... petunias - that's what they call 'em you know petunias.

I hadn't realised that petunias are part of the is one of the major food plant families - food and poisons. I've never read anything about petunias being poisonous and a quick search on t'internet hasn't revealed anything but something interesting that'll I'll blog about tomorrow.
The dark blue flower has a real velvety look to it - the surface changes colour according to the angle. As to the other colours - well the fuchsia pink is almost day glow!!! How can you get a colour like that without artificial dye - it looks so fake - like a flourescent Barbie! The Bi colours are intriguing because of their regularlity but, in all honesty - I don't like petunias. I keep trying but just don't like them. The flowers are very similar to Bindweeds ("parachute" flowers) but the colour is too artificial for my delicate sensibilities. I guess it is the mass planting that has the effect - i.e. the bedding effect - once they are out in a flower bed they probably look really good from a distance, from a carriage or from a passing car. I must keep a look out for displays around Aberdeen and Environs and try to make a mental adjustment. In our garden perhaps we are just too close for them to have the right effect - broad strokes rather than individual flowers.


Miles Kimball Petunia Artificial Hanging Bush by Miles Kimball
Lawn & Patio (Miles Kimball)
  • Create artificial petunia flower baskets
  • Lifelike color
  • Baskets not included
  • For indoor or outdoor use

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Day 3 (cont)

I think these things as Yosif worked his long, broad strokes: Should it be today? Should I knick his throat as we stroll through the flowers, watch him fall like a bewitched prince among the tall irises and the Japanese anemones? Or should I kiss him, nip playfully at his eager lips; open a tiny wound so he might receive a poisonous relief to his constant burning? Let him slide gently down into the twilit lake of the Tuileries. Yes, I like the sound of that. It is poetry. It will be a consummation of sublime romance.
"Ah, Inge!" I finished the young sheikh with a combination of subtle moves guaranteed to maximize his pleasure, and he fell back on the seat

Arcadia Silk Plantation Three 32" Artificial Petunia Hanging Flower Bushes, with One Hanging Basket (11" Diameter),
Home (Arcadia Silk Plantation)
  • Full and Bushy with proper shaping, Basic assembly and shaping needed.
  • For indoor display ONLY. Each Size approx: 32 H x 20 W
  • Steel wires used partially to hold the shape, makes it easy to bend or shape to your satisfaction.
  • Foam glued to the bottom of the 11 hanging basket for easy plant insertion. Just stick the stems into the foam.
  • Shipping fee will not be refunded.
House of Silk Flowers House of Silk Flowers Artificial Purple Petunia Hanging Basket
Home (House of Silk Flowers)
  • Natural-looking and Life-like
  • Lush artificial Petunia plant
  • Designer reed and metal hanging basket (12 diameter x 6 high, 16 metal hook)
  • Eye-catching purple flowers will perk-up any spot in your home or office
  • 24 diameter x 26 high
Como 4 Pcs Aquarium Tank Plastic Petunia Flowers Plant 2.2" w Ceramic Base
Pet Products (Como)
  • Product Name : Aquarium Plant;Material : Plastic, Ceramic Base
  • Total Size : 5.5 x 8cm/ 2.2 x 3.1 (H*W);Base Size : 3 x 2cm/ 1.2 x 0.8 (L*W)
  • Main Color : Yellow, Purple, Red, Magenta, Green
  • Weight : 70g
  • Package Content : 4 Pcs x Aquarium Plant

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