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September 30, 2012 – 05:48 am

1-anenomeI need to move my Japanese Anemones but the advice I am getting they do not respond well to being moved, any ideas? :scratch:

I moved a small clump last year, Tony, and there are leaves this year but no flowers. I’ve since read they don’t like being moved but I’m waiting to see if this clump flowers next year to be sure.

I’ve just bought some more but did some research before I ordered them. You can propagate them apparently and you could try this to have some in reserve if moving your clump fails, although you might not be prepared to wait.

How to propagate:
Well-established plants are best left untouched, but if you do want to increase them, lift the offshoots from the main plant just as they emerge in late spring and pot them up in a soil-based compost, preferably in plastic pots to keep the roots cool. These can be planted out in mid-summer. Root cuttings can also be taken in early winter: lay sections of root out flat on the surface then cover these with compost.

Send Miriam a private message which she’ll pick up in her emails as she might have some better advice.

Never mind moving them, trying getting rid of them. If you do move them then like as not you will have them in the new place and in the old. I have a clump which has now has had Rounduo sprayed on it every time a leaf appears, for 4 years and STILL it grows.

Owdboggy are we talking about the same flowers, these were very attractive I just planted them in the wrong place for the flower garden on my allotment plot

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Tony, I think maybe that is Anemone ‘De Caen’, possibly ‘Hollandia’, scarlet, descended from A coronaria. They reach a height of 6”-12” whereas Anemone byprida (aka japonica) can get to 4′. I attach a pic of Anemone japonica ‘Honorine Jobert’. Tough plants indeed and, as Owdboggy says, they stay around!


Thanks Walt the ones I have grew about a foot high mixed colours, flowered mid june and still flowering, I am making a floral area on my allotment and wil grow anemones again just did not want to move them and end up with an empty area would rather buy some more.If its any help the bulbs were like bits of dried wood couldn’t tell top from bottom :scratch:

Tony, we had mixed A. coronaria ‘de Cain’ in a rockery and there is no show this year (it would have been the third year). Checked my encyclopaedia and it says…varieties of A.coronaria quickly deteriorate and should be replaced every 2 or 3 years. Very nice flowers they are indeed so buying more (we live & learn !)

Just what I wanted to know Walt will buy new, take a chance and put the ones I have in large pots, if they fail nothing lost if they flower a bonus

Walt Wilcos have the anemones in store bought two new packs today, you were spot on Coronaria De Caen.Will put my originals in big pots in the spring and see what happens

Thanks Tony, I shall be after them tout de suite. If you would like an Anemone which is early (February through April) and a tough cookie then A.blanda is the one. We have had them for more than 20 years and they are still batting.


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