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May 31, 2013 – 12:06 pm

Japanese Anemone - Perennials
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Positive On Sep 15, 2013, Liriope456 from West Newbury, MA wrote:

I bought this (white variety) for shade gardens in Northern Virginia and then transplanted some to our new house in the northeastern corner of Massachusetts, where it is flourishing, but crowding out other plants. Foliage starts in spring; blooms go from mid-September through November. I have also seen this plant near the Russian River in Northern California

On Jan 21, 2011, Tasha1937 from Centurion
South Africa wrote:

I bought this plant last season from a Nursery in Pretoria, South Africa which specialises in showy plants which are "something different" from the norm found in SA gardens.
It flowered well during the first flowering season in my garden but this summer, despite having grown into a healthy looking, compact plant with lots of leaves, it has so far not produced any flowers.
I should welcome any suggestions to promote flower development?

On Oct 10, 2010, lehua_mc from Portland, OR (Zone 8b) wrote:

I got some seeds of a "pink anemone" at a seed exchange, and swooned with excitement. I didn't realize it wanted cold stratification to germinate until it was spring, but lucky for me we had a very cold wet spring. I direct sowed them in mid April, and almost gave up hope before I saw the barest green flecks in late May. I have a healthy patch of anemone now, and today, mid October, it bloomed. Let it run, I've given it room.

On Jul 31, 2009, lawgal from Pikesville, MD wrote:

I received a few of these as transplants from my cousin in early June. They transplanted fine and just bloomed now in mid July. Quite happy with it!

On May 3, 2009, rinomanfroni from Arlington, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

It definitely doesn't like to be transplanted. Out of three plants I transplanted, three died almost immediately.

I think that people are confusing "Anemome Hupehensis var. Japonica" with the regular "Anemone Hupehensis." While the Japonica variety is definitely shorter than Hupehensis, it also does not spread like a weed.

I also have been able to germinate it from seed. I followed this schedule and it was successful for me. I sowed the seeds in a small pot and sealed it in one Hefty sealing bag during all the time until germination.

1) Sowed Jan 23
2) Refrigerated Feb 4
3) Took out of fridge Mar 28
4) Germinated Apr 11

On Dec 30, 2004, bluespiral from (Zone 7a) wrote:


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