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December 3, 2013 – 09:18 am

Purple japanese anemone

Anemone, a genus of perennial plants of the buttercup family. Anemones are found in north temperate regions and are often called windflowers. The genus is made up of about 85 species, many of them popular garden plants.

There is much variation in height within the genus, from three inches (7.5 cm) to three feet (90 cm). The garden forms, such as the Japanese anemone, as well as the greenhouse forms, including the poppy anemone, are planted for their showy white, blue, red, or purple flowers. The flowers usually grow singly at the end of long stalks. Some anemones, such as the wood anemone, are familiar wildflowers. The pasqueflower is a plant of the anemone genus. )

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Day 3 (cont)

I think these things as Yosif worked his long, broad strokes: Should it be today? Should I knick his throat as we stroll through the flowers, watch him fall like a bewitched prince among the tall irises and the Japanese anemones? Or should I kiss him, nip playfully at his eager lips; open a tiny wound so he might receive a poisonous relief to his constant burning? Let him slide gently down into the twilit lake of the Tuileries. Yes, I like the sound of that. It is poetry. It will be a consummation of sublime romance.
"Ah, Inge!" I finished the young sheikh with a combination of subtle moves guaranteed to maximize his pleasure, and he fell back on the seat

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