Favorite Fall Bloomers: Japanese Anemone

April 1, 2013 – 09:24 am

I'm all for mums, asters, sedum, and ornamental cabbage, but there are other fall blooming flowers as well! One of my favorites is Japanese anemone.

Monica Milla

Of course, I love the spring-blooming anemones, too. In our zone, there's a bulb called Grecian windflower (Anemone blanda) that has blue, pale purple, or pink petals, as well as a tuberous-root perennial with white petals, also called Grecian windflower (Anemone blanda 'White Splendor').

The fall-blooming Japanese anemones come in white, pale pink, fuchsia, or purple flowers, as well as pale pink double flowers.Just to make things confusing, the plant goes by several Latin names, depending on who you ask or who's doing the breeding: Anemone x hybrida, Anemone hupehensis, or Anemone japonica. I'm neither a botanist nor a gardenista, so I'm not up on the latest-greatest, breaking-news (story at 11:00) developments. n white, pinks, and purples, and are darn cute? Yep, that's what's important.

Monica Milla

By whatever name, fall-blooming anemones have fibrous roots and come back year after year. The foliage grows in mounded clumps starting in spring, with the flowers emerging, on long stems, in late August or early September. Even their buds are cute!

Monica Milla

Anemones are cute but tough (kind of like my cat Fiona). Though they tend to like more water than I provide, they have adapted to my "tough love" conditions admirably. (The leaves do tend to dry out in drought, like say, this summer, and, OK, I'm not evil or anything, so yes, I did water them!) I have some in full sun, some in light shade, and some in partial shade and they all do well. It takes a while for them to get going, but they do spread after the first year. My friend Linda, who works as a gardener, says they can be a bit finicky as transplants, but all my plants are from divisions, and ignorance being bliss, they all survived well without any special treatment.

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I learn the hard way, unfortunately

I don't just go to class, I test and learn in the field. Because I though I knew better, I figured I could bend the rules.
In fall four years ago I sheet-mulched over a bed full of Agapanthus and Japanese Anemones. I spread a 5 inch layer of compost (two strikes) over newspaper. We'd spread compost (in a one to two inch layer) over a client's soil for years as a sort-of "mulch." What could go wrong?
Although I carefully covered the soil, the Anemone had already reached the bed's perimeter and enmeshed itself amongst the Box edging. I cut down and dug out as much of the Agapanthus as I could before I sheeted

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