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Pink Impatiens balsamina - Garden Balsam Impatiens balsamina or Garden Balsam is an old garden flower, very showy in the landscape.
Little children like to play with its ripe pods of seeds that explode when touched, hence its other name "Touch-Me-Not".
Its beautiful blooms, single or in small clusters grow close to the thick-juicy stems and each of them have a columbine-like spur on the back.

Garden Balsams, also called rose balsams, come in a wide variety of flower colors from white, pink, rose, red, violet to bi-color and they bloom all summer. These are the last ones of this summer.
The double petaled variety, in the last photo, resembles to camellias.

It is interesting to mention that different parts of the plant are used to treat diseases: the juice made from balsam leaves treats snakebite and warts while the flower can be applied to burns to cool the skin. Balsam-Impatiens balsamina close up Touch Me Not - bright red


Robert Harding Photo Mug of Close-up of Impatiens flowers, England, United Kingdom, Europe from Robert Harding
Kitchen (Robert Harding)
  • PHOTO MUG This Photo Mug features an image of Close-up of Impatiens flowers, England, United Kingdom, Europe chosen by Robert Harding. Estimated image size 120x80mm.
  • 11oz White ceramic coffee mug. Image printed using sublimation ink process. Microwave, dishwasher safe
  • Image Description Close-up of Impatiens flowers, England, United Kingdom, Europe Close-up of Impatiens flowers, England, United Kingdom, Europe.
  • For any queries regarding this image please contact Robert Harding quoting Reference 1146903
  • Image supplied and selected by Robert Harding. (c) Michael Short

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All Flowers are Wildflowers Somewhere...

...unless the flowers were hybridized and mutated by man, but they still had a wildflower origin.
Native plants/wildflowers are better adapted to the climate and soil than something like impatiens so they will usually survive, reproduce and not need to be replanted each year. If you study the plants and select the right ones, they can bloom for an extended season. Some wildflowers you could compare to daffodils because they only bloom for a couple of weeks. Wildflowers/native plants also attract more butterflies and bees.
If you just randomly plant wildflower seeds between other plants with no planning, it could look like a mess

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