Impatiens Flowers

March 14, 2013 – 06:23 am

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Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens flowers are one of the most shade tolerant annual plants available. These easy care plants can be placed in deep shade where no other flower will bloom!

Because of this quality, they are a favorite among annuals.

Impatiens flowers can be found in a variety of different colors and are about as low maintenance as they come!

A very good choice for gardeners who are new to working with annual plants, or who are new to gardening in general.

Routine watering is really the only true requirement to keep these plants going throughout the summer. Be sure to keep plants moist, but not overly wet, particularly during periods of drought. This will help them maintain their healthy appearance.

Impatiens should be planted in at least part-shade, as they will not tolerate full sun like other annuals.

Upon initial planting, place plants in good organic, well-drained soil. Pinching back plants at the time of planting, will help to increase flower production and encourage healthy growth throughout the season. Be sure to place young plants in the ground at the recommended spacing intervals. While your garden will appear sparce initially, impatiens will quickly fill in the space when given the required room to grow.

Impatiens FlowersAside from the need to keep them moist and plant them in the proper location, impatiens are maintenance free once established. They require no dead-heading of spent flowers throughout the season, as spent flowers fall away on their own leaving space for new growth all summer long.

Impatiens will grow between 6" and 30" tall, and one plant alone can easily spread 24" wide with proper care.

Planting beds can be filled completely with different varieties of impatiens. By selecting varieties with different heights and flower colors, a garden filled with impatiens will not be lacking in interest.

Be sure to purchase one half to one full "flat" at a minimum, planting varieties together to obtain full impact.

Impatiens are beautiful in planters, mixed in between other landscaping plants, or planted en masse. Be careful to plant AFTER the last frost of the season as these plants are extremely frost sensitive and will not survive even one evening of freezing temperatures.

Try pairing impatiens with coleus and hosta for more visual interest.

New Guinea Impatiens or "Sun" Impatiens

Similar to shade tolerant varieties in many ways, these impatiens are better adapted to handle the sun than regular impatiens as long as they are planted in rich, evenly moist soil.


Ferry-Morse Seed Company Ferry-Morse Annual Flower Seeds 1063 Impatiens - Dwarf Mixed Colors 25 Milligram Packet
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  • Grows Best in Full Sun
  • Guaranteed To Grow
  • 55-70 Days to Bloom
  • Plant Spacing 12-inch to 18-inch
  • Plant Height: 18-inch

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They don't flower but are awfully

Pretty in shade: caladiums. Come in wonderful colors.
Here's a link:
Also, begonias for flowers, or impatiens. I prefer begonias myself because you can find them w/ many different leaf configurations and some of the leaves are really more interesting than the flowers.
And coleus for wonderful, colorful foliage.
And ferns! I love an asparagus fern mixed w/ coeleus or caladiums, and some begonias mixed in. Makes a very pretty pot

100 Mixed Colors DOUBLE CAMELLIA IMPATIENS (Balsam / Lady Slipper / Touch Me Not) Impatiens Balsamina Flower Seeds
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  • BLOOM TIME:Late Spring - Early Fall
  • HARDINESS ZONE: Annual (but reseeds itself easily, so it acts like a perennial in all zones)
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 24 - 36. . . PLANT SPACING: 6 - 9
  • LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun - Part Shade . . . SOIL / WATER: Average
  • I think the best way to describe these lovely flowers would be BREATHTAKING! I find them to be even more beautiful than a rose and they dont have thorns. These Double...

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