Impatiens flowers Turning yellow

Impatiens dropping buds and yellowing leaves

March 7, 2014 – 09:58 pm

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I posted this in the impatiens forum, but not much traffic there, so here's another go:

I have several double impatiens in planters on my front porch. Partially covered, gets sun from 8-12. I had new guineas there last year and they did fine until they got spider mites (I realized it 1/2 way through the summer---pretty late)
Blooms are dropping prematurely (see pic 1) and buds are browning (see pic 2.) A couple of leaves have turned yellow (see pic 3.) We have had a ton of rain, and they do get wet... but I've been watering since the soil ends up just being slightly damp. Do double impatiens like to dry out before being watered? Maybe I'm over watering?

Maybe too much sun?

They are clearly under some stress...they're growing but not a ton and have been planted for 3 weeks.

I noticed when I picked up some dropped flowers from the dirt below that a poweder dusted up into the air when I picked them up. Could they have a fungus from all the rain? My hydrangeas (in pots on the same porch) had that purple/red spot fungus last week. I sprayed them with some sulphur and it did the trick.


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