Impatiens, the flower of winter

January 25, 2013 – 08:57 am

Nomeolvides: la flor del inviernoThe impatiens is one of the most beautiful flowers that can brighten your garden in winter, no matter how low the temperatures in your area. This is an ornamental flower, which offers up to 50 different varieties with which we can add color and joy to our garden or terrace.

The impatiens plant known for its velvety leaves with lanceolate, leaving the tiny blue flowers that measure only one inch and have five petals. Most varieties of this plant grow in clumps.

Nomeolvides: flor del invierno

The impatiens is a flower that needs little care. In fact it can withstand temperatures of up to 4 degrees below zero and live well in shaded areas, provided it is not total. Several flowers can plant a pot provided the split up about 15 cm each. When watering, we just have to watch that does not dry of all its substrate, and from March to add liquid fertilizer to irrigation water.

The most common diseases that can attack the leaves of a plant impatiens are powdery mildew and gray rot. If you are aware of them, you can control them with specific products.


EXCITED PROMOTION 30 Garden Balsam Impatiens Balsamina Flower Seed Garden Plants
Lawn & Patio ()
  • 20-30cm in height.Excellent in border, pot plant and field plant. Favor to sunshine and fear the shadow. Require ample sunshine and rich, loose and well-drained...
  • Space: 15*20cm Sunlight Requirement: Halfshadow,Sunniness Seeded to Mature: about 70 days Seed Longevity: about 2 years Germination Percentage: ≥80%
  • Latin name: Impatiens balsamina Color(Fruit): Blending Plant Height: 20-30cm Use: parterre,pot flower Weight:5g
  • 1. Please store the seeds in a shade and cool, dry place. 2. Because of climate conditions or improper cultivation techniques of loss, we shall not bear the economic...

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Prob a lot of your success will is dependent upon how many hours of aft sun you get. if it's noon on i think that should be plenty. many urban gardens are limited to aft or a.m. sun restrictions. i'd go for the leafy stuff... you can do all types of lettuces, frisee, mesclun, raddichio, arugula, kales, spinach, collards, etc. parsley's pretty tolerant- i like the italian stuff. mint. peas & bush beans- oh, & chives, garlic & onions. you can put in some flowers with those too- foxglove, coral bells, clarkia, impatiens, horned poppies, violas. i've been battling shade too & can't wait to prune back my fruit trees for next season

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