Impatiens flowers Shaded window boxes

Easy Recipes for Window Boxes in Shade

April 15, 2014 – 05:32 am

Filled window box

A. Impatiens 'Accent Pink' -- 4
B. Impatiens 'Pink Swirl' -- 4
C. Dichondra 'Silver Falls' -- 6

Go Bold with Foliage

A. Coleus (Solenostemon 'Stained Glassworks Copper') -- 1
B. Lantana 'Dallas Red' -- 1
C. Bear grass (Xerophyllum tenax) -- 2
D. Coleus (Solenostemon 'True Red') -- 1
E. Coleus (Solenostemon 'Stained Glassworks Big Blond') -- 1

Create a Bold Mix

A. Impatiens 'Accent Pink Picotee' -- 2
B. Hosta 'Golden Tiara' -- 1
C. Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium 'Brise d'Anjou') -- 1
D. Fuchsia 'Thalia' -- 2
E. Ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea 'Variegata') -- 3
F. Sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas 'Sweet Caroline Bronze') -- 1
G. Plectranthus 'Zulu Wonder' -- 2
H. Vinca major 'Variegata' -- 2

Transition Through the Seasons

Impatiens are a container garden favorite, and for good reason: They're long bloomers, they have plenty of color variety, and the foliage stays a deep green. They're a great pick to provide summer color after springtime violas fade.

A. Impatiens 'Dazzler Pink' -- 3
B. Viola 'Sorbet Blue Babyface' -- 3

Add Drama to a Big Window

A. Bacopa (Sutera 'Bridal Bouquet') -- 2
B. Torenia 'Catalina Blue' -- 1
C. Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Purple' -- 2
D. Shrimp plant (Justicia brandegeana) -- 1
E. Heliotrope (Heliotropium 'Marine') -- 2
F. Strawflower (Bracteantha 'Moonlight') -- 1
G. Daisy (Felicia 'Read's White') -- 2
H. Bacopa (Sutera 'Snowstorm Giant Snowflake') -- 2

Add Color All the Way Up

A. Impatiens 'Dazzler Red' -- 3
B. Impatiens 'Dazzler Pink' -- 2

Use White to Add Elegance

A. Geranium (Pelargonium 'Orbit White') -- 1
B. Ivy (Hedera helix 'Glacier') -- 4
C. Bacopa (Sutera 'Snowstorm') -- 3
D. Impatiens 'Xtreme White' -- 2

Dress Up a Dormer

Try unusual mixes such as foliage-based kale, sedge, and the dark-colored stalks of coral flower in container plantings.

A. Sedge (Carex siderosticha 'Variegata') -- 2
B. Kale (Brassica oleracea 'Osaka') -- 2
C. Verbena 'Tuscany Violet with Eye' -- 2
D. Coral bells (Heuchera 'Pewter Moon') -- 2

Add Lots of Bold Color

A swath of impatiens cuts a pretty picture; just a few accent plants -- in orange and white -- add a visual break to a simple window box.

A. Impatiens (Impatiens 'Midnight Rose') -- 4
B. Vinca (Catharanthus 'Cora White') -- 2
C. Snapdragon (Antirrhinum 'Bells White') -- 1
D. Tuberous begonia (Begonia 'Nonstop Orange') -- 1

Keep It Simple

A. Wax begonia (Begonia 'Prelude Pink') -- 3


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Advice on getting rid of bugs on my impatiens

Today I just noticed bugs on my impatiens. They look just like miniscule coffee grounds. They are black, round, don't move, and they disintegrate into the air when I brush them off. The tops & undersides of the leaves and flowers are not destroyed in any way. No holes in the leaves, no dying plants. I did at first think they were coffee grounds however there is no way coffee grounds could get there. If it makes a difference, my plants are in a window box. I have just clipped all the leaves and flowers back :( and would like to buy a remedy that kills this bug. Any ideas of the bug--and the remedy? They are not aphids

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