Orange Impatiens Flowers

July 17, 2012 – 05:41 am

Have you heard about impatiens flowers? I did for the first time at my brother in law's house in Bukidnon. His wife had planted a lot of flowering plants in their front yard. One of the flowers I saw there and was able to photographed is called Impatiens. Seen two colors actually, but today I'll feature one color only, and a very striking one, an Orange Impatiens Flowers.

Impatiens also called Busy Lazzie is a beautiful annual plant that will definitely give colors to your garden. Impatiens grows well in moisture and shade areas.

I wanted the same flowers in our frontyard too, but I do not know it it will survive the hot weather of Cagayan de Oro City.

Next time we visit Bukidnon, I make sure bring seedlings with me.

Photos taken using Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 DG Macro attached to my Canon 60D. I love using this lens whenever taking macro photos because it definitely gives cleaner background compared to my other lens.


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Advice on getting rid of bugs on my impatiens

Today I just noticed bugs on my impatiens. They look just like miniscule coffee grounds. They are black, round, don't move, and they disintegrate into the air when I brush them off. The tops & undersides of the leaves and flowers are not destroyed in any way. No holes in the leaves, no dying plants. I did at first think they were coffee grounds however there is no way coffee grounds could get there. If it makes a difference, my plants are in a window box. I have just clipped all the leaves and flowers back :( and would like to buy a remedy that kills this bug. Any ideas of the bug--and the remedy? They are not aphids

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