Killer Bunnies Maul Impatiens (Again)

July 1, 2014 – 04:38 pm

My poor impatiens. I tried, I really did, at least for the most part.

I took care of them. I planted them. I watered them.

I’ve never really gardened as a hobby. But when the boy scouts came around selling impatiens this spring, I wanted to support them so I bought a flat. And left them at the end of the driveway overnight.

For those of you that didn’t read my earlier impatien posts, leaving them at the end of the driveway – even just overnight – was a huge mistake. Something ate the beautiful flowers off the top, while the impatiens were ALIVE. Creatures with soft fur, long ears, and cotton tails caused this suffering. killer bunnies.

I was desperate to save what was left of my impatiens. They didn’t deserve such a terrible fate. So I did what any doting Mom would do. I went to Home Depot, made a critical purchase, and then sprayed my impatiens with Rotten Egg In A Bottle.

And then, I guess, I got lazy.

I stopped giving them Impatien Nectar of the Gods (Rotten Egg In A Bottle) according to the maintenance plan.

Sure, it’s that time of year when annuals start to fade away anyway. But they shouldn’t look like this:

All of my impatiens look like this now, unfortunately, quite beyond rescue given that they don’t even have leaves. I curse you cute murderous bunnies! Again.


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Advice on getting rid of bugs on my impatiens

Today I just noticed bugs on my impatiens. They look just like miniscule coffee grounds. They are black, round, don't move, and they disintegrate into the air when I brush them off. The tops & undersides of the leaves and flowers are not destroyed in any way. No holes in the leaves, no dying plants. I did at first think they were coffee grounds however there is no way coffee grounds could get there. If it makes a difference, my plants are in a window box. I have just clipped all the leaves and flowers back :( and would like to buy a remedy that kills this bug. Any ideas of the bug--and the remedy? They are not aphids

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