Flowering Shade Annuals and Perennials – Options, Options, Options!

June 9, 2013 – 05:44 am

annualgreenhousecollageIt’s April, and for many of us this means it’s time to stock up on our annual Impatiens for all the shady parts of our garden and porches. Shade Annuals and Perennials are necessities for many of us who have shady parts of our garden, lawn and for porches. You may have been hearing about the potential this year for Impatiens to contract the downy mildew disease and are stumped because that has always been your “go to” annual. Cravens has been selling them for only 97¢ each for years and they have been one of our largest sellers. Although the supply is smaller this year, we have stocked up on disease-free plants and are still able to offer them to those of you who have not noticed any problems in your soil last year and still want to plant Impatiens. We also are supplying and offering New Guinea Impatiens, which are bred from a different species and are resistant to the disease.

However, sometimes it’s good to be forced to change. There are so many annuals and perennials that you may have passed by because of focusing only on what you know, or what you find at the “big box store.” This year can be your opportunity to explore and think of other shade options by wandering through the shade section of garden nurseries like Cravens. It can also be overwhelming, so we talked to our Perennials Manager and Annuals Manager to offer up the following suggestions for those of you ready to experiment and change it up this year:

If you are intent on annuals, the before-mentioned New Guinea Impatiens also offer color and thrive in shady areas. These are usually the more expensive relative of the Impatiens, but this year Cravens is offering them at the 97¢ price point, while supplies last. New Guinea Impatiens have the added benefit of faring well in sun as well as shade. They have a slightly less quantity of flowers, but their leaf forms are more interesting than the basic Impatiens. Begonias also work well in part shade and offer both interesting foliage and bright colored flowers. Other bright-flowered annuals that tolerate shade include Torenia (multiple blooms all the way to Fall), Viola, and Fuchsia, a perennial often grown as an annual that has lovely hanging lantern-like flowers which makes it great for hanging baskets.

Source: www.cravensnursery.com

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