Growing Impatiens Indoors During Winter

November 11, 2012 – 11:29 am

_2F_images_2F_origs_2F_650_2F_impatiens_in_a_blue_and_white_potGrowing Impatiens Indoors During Winter

The really lovely thing about impatiens, is that they can make wonderful indoor flowers during the cold and often gloomy days of Winter.

Last year, I placed some on a plant tier in front of a south facing floor-ceiling length window in our breakfast area.

It was beautiful seeing these colorful, robust flowers all Winter long and it truely creates a different atmosphere in the home. A little touch of Summer bringing warmth and beauty for all to enjoy.

There are several tips that can help too:

impatiensinabrownpot(1.) Pick a good sunny location. I would prefer one that gets several hours of direct sunlight a day, but one that doesn’t “cook” the flowers. I use a south facing window, but any one that gets the sunlight should do.

(2.) Be sure to choose an appropriate sized pot. Remember, these will continue to grow, so it is important to allow for root growth.

(3.) I also prefer a potting soil that already has fertilizer in it and that has the ability to hold moisture.

(4.)I still however, once a week give them a little shot of Miracle Grow Bloom Booster. I love that stuff and it provides that little bit of extra nutrients for bright healthy flowers

(5.) Be careful not to over water. This can lead to collapse of the stems and leaves by rot in the root.

(6.) Also, impatiens root very easily and one thing you could do, especially if you have multiple colors and want them indoors is to snip off a longer stem and place them in water with either root stimulator or as I do a touch of bloom booster. i don’t know what it is with Bloom Booster, but I have even had marigolds root with it.

_2F_images_2F_origs_2F_650_2F_impatiens_in_a_blue_and_white_pot(7.) if you decide to put them in pots with other plants, be sure to companion plant with flowers of similar needs, growth habits and the like.

Other helpful general info:

Plant your impatiens in soil that is rich and has plenty of aeration for drainage. You can put a few small stones, bark or vermiculite in the soil to make sure it cannot pack down completely. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Generally, impatiens like soil that is more acidic (about 5.8 on the pH scale). If the soil is too basic, add a little sulfur or aluminum sulfate. If the soil is too acidic, add a little calcium carbonate.

Keep the impatiens watered, but don’t overdo it. Impatiens like more water than some other species, but they don’t tolerate soil that is waterlogged. Watering every three to four weeks should be enough if the soil is kept moist. If the water sits on top of the soil, then it is too dry and won’t absorb water well. If the water runs straight out the pot, then the soil is either waterlogged or the plant has become root-bound. You can spritz the soil with a spray bottle between regular waterings to keep the soil from becoming too dry.


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Flowers in a little to no sunlight area, color

We have a front flower bed that is about 35 ft x 2 ft on the north side of our home. just recently, after reading the western garden book, decided to do some landscaping and put in a variety of plants that include Canna's, New Zeland Flax, Sage mint, and added some color like Begonias & impatiens and some more. The issue is during summer, we get get a combined 3 to 4 hrs(morning and late after noon) of sun light in the area. Now, it is almost down to 2 hrs, and not every plant is getting enough sunlight. We are in zone 24 and wonder how these plants would do in fall and winter. In addition, wanted to put in some more color that are not potentially poisonous (lantan's are out of question)

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