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SunPatiens® will be in all Home Depot garden centers this spring. Most northern markets will have them in mid- to late May, while supplies last. They will be available earlier in the warmer areas of the country.

One of our favorite gardening projects is finding new plants – especially when they are breakthroughs. SunPatiens® are the first impatiens that thrive in FULL SUN and HIGH HEAT gardens. America’s favorite garden flowers just got better with this high color series of sun loving plants. Compared to other impatiens, SunPatiens are better in sun, better in areas of high heat and high humidity, and have more garden vigor than most other impatiens.

When other impatiens burn up in the sun or stop flowering due to warm temperatures, SunPatiens just get better. We have seen SunPatiens plants for several summers in Georgia, Florida, as well as in garden trials in Dallas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, to name a few – and this plant digs summer weather. Take a look at a picture from our secret test bed at the University of Georgia. The SunPatiens grew to large knee high plants covered in flowers while all the other plants struggled.

Why are SunPatiens® better?

What makes these SunPatiens so special is they are a new species – a cross between traditional New Guinea impatiens and a wild impatiens. The plants have the good sized flower of a New Guinea but now have strong garden vigor that allows them to grow well in all summer conditions. Garden vigor and a slightly thicker leaf wall are the secret to impatiens sun and heat show.

SunPatiens Compact vs. Vigorous Series:
In 2008 a compact series joined the original vigorous series – VIVA! SunPatiens now fits well in the garden as well as smaller patio pots and baskets! The first introductions of vigorous Sunpatiens will get up to 24-30” tall in the garden. The vigorous types grow quickly and are perfect for garden beds or in most northern gardens that have a short growing season.

The compact series will be great in all containers from window boxes to baskets to patio pots as well as keeping their shape in the hotter climates of the deep south. Our initial trials saw many people drawn to the new ‘Compact Blush Pink’ and the showy ‘Compact Lilac’. Expect a finished height of 18” to 24”.
The variegated leaf ‘Spreading Salmon’ is a hit year after year for both for baskets and for patio pots. Later to bloom than the other VIVA! SunPatiens – this plant has great color in the leaves as well in the flowers.


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Just got back from outside my house

Did some spring (summer) cleaning.
Trimmed all the bushes cleaned out the the planting beds i'm going to go to home depot and go buy some flowers (impatiens)....
Came inside the house thirsty as hell...had some nice cold sweet tea.
Just waiting for the wife to get home
Life is good

Silks Are Forever 30" UV-Proof Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Flower Bush -Coral (case of 4)
Home (Silks Are Forever)
  • This listing is for 1 case. You will receive 4 items per case, 1 item shown in picture.
  • Manufactured specifically for outdoor use using U.V. inhibited materials
  • Height - 30
  • Flower Clusters - 16 each
Outsidepride Outsidepride Impatiens Baby Orange - 1000 Seeds
Lawn & Patio (Outsidepride)
  • Season: Annual
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 10
  • Height: 8 - 10 inches
  • Bloom Color: Orange
  • Sowing Rate: 6 - 8 seeds per plant

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