Impatiens flowers Deer Resistant

What Can I Plant that is Deer Resistant? -

February 21, 2014 – 02:55 pm


This list of deer resistant plants was compiled from Gardenweb postings and other sources.
As you can see from the follow-up postings at the bottom of the list, RESISTANT is the key word. Deer can be quite the gourmets and yours may still be partial to some of the plants on this list. Deer that are hungry enough will eat everything bare from the ground up into the trees as high as they can reach.
Many of the plants on this list are poisonous or medicinal. If a plant smells bad to you when you crush the leaf or stem, it probably smells just as bad to the deer.
(P.S. Don't forget that rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and other animals might be just as destructive as deer in your garden.)
A Agastache foeniculum -- Anise Hyssop A Ageratum houstonianum -- Blue Floss Flower A Alternanthera ficoidea -- Josephs Coat A Angelonia angustifolia -- Angelonia A Antirrhinum majus -- Snapdragon A Asperula orientalis -- Annual Woodruff A Bidens ferulifolia -- Bidens A Brachycome iberidifolia -- Swan River Daisy A Calendula sp. -- Pot Marigold A Calibrachoa Hybrid -- Million Bells A Capsicum annuum -- Ornamental pepper A Catharanthus roseus -- Madagascar Vinca A Clarkia hybridus -- Four O'Clocks A Cleome hasslerana -- Spider Flower A Cleome serrulata - Bee plant A Coleus - A Coreopsis sp. -- Coreopsis A Cosmos bipinnatus -- Cosmos A Delphinium ajacis - Larkspur (annual Delphinium) A Felicia echinata -- Blue Marguerite A Gomphrena globosa -- Globe Amaranth A Gypsophila repens -- Baby's Breath A Helianthus annuus -- Common Sunflower A Helichrysum bracteatum -- Straw Flower A Hunnemania fumariifolia -- Mexican Tulip Poppy A Hypoestes phyllostachya -- Polka-Dot Plant A Impatiens balsama -- Balsam impatien A Ipomoea sp. -- Morning Glory A Lobularia maritima -- Sweet Alyssum A Matthiola incana -- Stock A Melampodium paludosum -- Butter Daisy A Nemesia strumosa -- Carnival Flower A Nicotiana alata -- Tobacco Flower A Nigella damascena -- Love-In-A-Mist A Oxypetalum caeruleum -- Southern Star A Papaver nudicaule -- Iceland Poppy A Papaver Rhoeas -- Corn Poppy A Papaver somniferum -- Opium Poppy A Phlox drummondii -- Annual Phlox A Polygonum capitatum -- Pinkhead Knotweed A Ricinus communis -- Castor Bean A Ruellia brittoniana A Ruellia nudiflora -- Wild Petunia A Senecio cineraria -- Dusty Miller A Tagetes erecta -- African Marigold A Tagetes lemmonii -- Copper Canyon Daisy A Tagetes lucida - Mexican Marigold A Tagetes patula -- French Marigold A Tagetes signata -- Signet Marigold A Tithonia diversifolia -- Mexican sunflower A Verbena bonariensis -- Verbena A Verbena rigida -- Verbena Vervain A Vinca rosea -- Madagascar periwinkle A Xeranthemum annuum -- Immortelle A Zinnia acerosa -- Native Zinnia A Zinnia...


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Other suggestions

My shade garden has the following:
-hostas (obviously not evergreen)
-impatiens (annual)
-lariope (good choice for you I think-- do a google search. It's a grasslike plant that spreads well and has spiky purple flowers in summer)
-pachysandra (good groundcover, grows to about 8 in tall, has little white flowers in spring, takes a couple years to really proliferate)
Good luck!

Oops - bought Miracle-Gro garden soil instead..

Of potting soil. The garden soil is for use in-ground only (not potting) and requires mixing it with the present garden soil (50-50 mix).
Unfortunately I live in a condominium and don't have access to any present garden soil.
I want to use the Miracle-Gro garden soil for potting if I can. Is there anything(s) I can buy to mix with it so I can do this?
Just potting up some vinca minor starts (dug with roots) and some annual flowers, such as impatiens and begonias.

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