Impatiens flowers buds are Falling off-why

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April 8, 2014 – 04:11 am

The curved tail coming off

We offer a variety of premium annuals that are perfect for filling your own planters, baskets or flower beds.


A great fragrant bedding plant to use for borders or ground cover in your flower beds.


If you are looking for a way to add some tall color to your baskets, flowering baskets or patio containers, argyranthemum are a great choice. They will reach 12 and 16 inches tall, enjoy sun to partial shade and may need some light pruning through the season to make them really branch out with new blooms. Overall, they are a fun way to add color and dimension to your gardening project.


Massive, flowing color erupts from this wonderful and versatile little plant. Baskets and raised planters are the best places for this plant, but any location that has plenty of room for it to trail will work fine.

Plant in a location with full sun to partial shade. Likes water and does not handle dry soil well.


Looking for a trailing plant to add some color to a flower bed which is exposed to extreme heat and sun or perhaps a native, low water usage plant to add to your garden? Bidens are the perfect choice; they are a vigorous, drought resistant plant which will blanket a flower bed with a mass of yellow.


More commonly known by their tradename “Million Bells” these fun little plants resemble miniature petunias. They offer a wide variety of color in semi-upright and trailing varieties. In general they like grow best when planted in the sun to partial shade. These make a great addition to any baskets, planters or flower beds you may have. We carry a wide variety of colors to suit your needs.


With its shaped and multi-color leaves, adding coleus gives a unique appearance to your favorite patio container or flower bed. Som people like the color of the leaves so much, they choose to pinch off the flower buds to keep just the leaf colors on the plant. Coleus tends to be heat tolerant, but can handle the shade. As with other low water usage plants, it is important not to over water coleus.


An easy to grow plant, dahlias produce beautiful blooms from mid-summer through fall until the first heavy frost.


The traditional hot weather loving plant, geraniums are an easy to grow and maintain flower which add upright color.

Ivy and Zonal Geraniums


This plant is a great way to add mid-level color to your baskets and patio containers. This low maintenance plant which make a perfect addition to flower beds in the full sun so long as the soil is kept moist. These usually grow to be about 8-10 inches tall and make a great addition to any garden.


Add some yellow and gold to your garden with these wonderful and fragent plants. If you are experiencing deer problems, often a border of Marigolds will help to deter deer from entering the rest of your flower bed.


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Other suggestions

My shade garden has the following:
-hostas (obviously not evergreen)
-impatiens (annual)
-lariope (good choice for you I think-- do a google search. It's a grasslike plant that spreads well and has spiky purple flowers in summer)
-pachysandra (good groundcover, grows to about 8 in tall, has little white flowers in spring, takes a couple years to really proliferate)
Good luck!

Oops - bought Miracle-Gro garden soil instead..

Of potting soil. The garden soil is for use in-ground only (not potting) and requires mixing it with the present garden soil (50-50 mix).
Unfortunately I live in a condominium and don't have access to any present garden soil.
I want to use the Miracle-Gro garden soil for potting if I can. Is there anything(s) I can buy to mix with it so I can do this?
Just potting up some vinca minor starts (dug with roots) and some annual flowers, such as impatiens and begonias.

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