Summer Farmhouse Porch Decorating Ideas

May 1, 2013 – 01:35 pm

Hanging baskets on a summer farmhouse porchHere I was thinking I wouldn’t freshen the front porch for summer until we painted the house, but who was I kidding? I’m always anxious to add some color with flowers, whether it’s hanging baskets, containers or flower boxes. So I went ahead and started planting and primping. We’ll just have to be careful when we start painting. The porch isn’t done yet but give me 2 to 3 more weeks and she’ll be looking even better. For now, I’ll share a few simple summer farmhouse porch decorating ideas that always get me started each year.

Add color with flowers! I never understand why some people don’t plant flowers in the summer. It’s not hard to do if you follow a few flower gardening tips.Hanging basket of impatiens on a farmhouse porch g to spend a lot of money.

Every year I add 3 hanging baskets of impatiens on my porch. Our porch receives dappled sunlight throughout the day so impatiens are a great choice. I like to use flowers that bloom profusely without a lot of work.

Another summer farmhouse porch decorating idea is to add a simple flower box. My son-in-law made this one for me after I decided the porch looked a little bare beneath the hanging baskets. I use flowers that match the color of the trim on the house.

Pink impatiens on a yellow farmhouse porchThis big basket of impatiens faces the street and is sweetly framed by the curlicues on the porch posts. You can see that the porch ceiling is painted pale blue. After seeing porches in Savannah, Georgia … I just had to have a blue porch ceiling like those in the south. Adding color with paint is another great summer farmhouse porch decorating idea, although I’m not looking forward to painting the house.

Our farmhouse porch isn’t huge but it’s cozy and I love spending summer days and evenings here. Another summer farmhouse porch decorating idea is to use lattice somewhere. It’s inexpensive and easy to apply. You can see the lattice peaking above the hostas.

On the porch itself, I’ve softened the porch swing with a wedding ring quilt and added a Farm pillow. Taffy just wants me to go away so she can continue her little nap out here. Little does she know I’ll be taking her spot so I can look at my Jeanne D’Arc magazine.

Hanging basket of impatiens on a summer farmhouse porch Summer farmhouse porch at Town and Country Living blog Summer porch swing softened with a ring quilt Hydrangeas in a blue Atlas jar


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Impatiens are budding!

I started late this summer, so no flowers yet, but I'm so excited because my impatiens are finally about to burst into blooms! This is my first time growing flowers from seed, and I'm so proud of that big ole tub of impatiens right now.
When do you start pinching them? After they bloom? After the first wave of blossoms have passed? Or was I supposed to pinch them before all this?

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