Deadheading Impatiens flowers

How to Deadhead Impatiens

December 30, 2013 – 12:50 pm

A. Deadheading, the removal of

Deadheading removes spent flowers from plants so they will produce more blooms. When you remove the spent flowers, the plant will then produce another to aid in pollination, according to the University of Missouri Extension. Impatiens, an annual flower, are considered self-cleaning plants that do not require deadheading, according to the North Carolina State University Extension. However, impatiens can be deadheaded regularly to improve the plant's appearance.

Step 1

Look through your impatiens to identify flowers in need of deadheading. Blooms that are wilted, faded, withered or damaged can be removed.

Step 2

Pinch or pull off the flowers you have identified for deadheading. In the case of impatiens, you will not need any tools. A gentle tug or pull with your hand will be enough to remove the bloom from the plant.

Step 3

Discard the deadheaded blooms with your yard waste or in a compost pile or bin.

Step 4

Check your impatiens regularly throughout the growing season to see if additional blooms need to be deadheaded. Because they are self-cleaning, some of the plant's blooms should fall off throughout the season, but you can remove any unattractive or withering flowers as necessary to reshape the plant or keep it looking healthy.

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Overwintering Coleus

I lost track of this thread - I, too, cut back my coleus and fill vases and jars and whatever else I can find to stuff them into.
I have the perfect east room for them to brighten the dreary winter months.
Impatiens can also be cut and rooted in this manner - I just this afternoon finished trimming back all of the plants in my garden for just this purpose.
Keep them pinched back so they get nice and full.
When I was young, my mom and the neighbor lady were the 'plant ladies' of the small town we lived in - what one didn't have, the other one did.
Mom still has (after all these years) an Impatiens (that we knew as a Sultana at that time) that I brought her home from school - I had noticed that my teacher at that time had a salmon colored one that she agreed...

Most everything

We live at Southshore Alameda. Here's some of what we've put in since we moved here in 2002. Existing was a lawn in front yard and in back yard two non-fruiting plum trees, one lemon tree, and a camelia.
Back yard (mostly concrete slab with a two-foot dirt border around outside):
Red sage about 8' tall in corner.
Tree dahlia 10' tall almost obliterating neighbor's yard.
Three columnar apple trees.
Black dahlia in bloom now.
Senecia from cutting I took from our old Oakland house.
"Cabbage" Tree recently transplanted from container-we have 90% of our plants in containers in back yard due to concrete slab

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