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Blooming annuals for fall

June 29, 2012 – 08:44 am

Also a shade-loving plant
English daisy English daisies, Bellis perennis, are small-statued charmers for the cool-season garden. Pink, rose or white blooms are held on slender stems above rosettes of dark-green foliage. Plant 6 inches apart in an organically enriched, well-draining soil in sunny or partially sunny beds or show them off in pots on the front steps. They’re great companions with violas, alyssum and bulbs.

Pansies and violas
Pansies bring bright color during our coolest months. Wait until late October to plant in sun and in soil that has plenty of organic matter. Work blood meal into the ground as you plant. Remove spent flowers and fertilize each month for more blooms. In addition to the brilliant new hybrids, try Johnny-jump-ups (Viola tricolor), the small-flowered violas that reseed. These are wonderful spilling from planter boxes and clay pots, and in pools by the front steps. There are a number of viola varities that perform well here. These have smaller "faces" than pansies, and perhaps that is why they are more tolerant of our warm spells.

• Viola x Wittrockiana
• Viola tricolor

Three Primula groups are best suited to our Houston-area gardens: Primula x polyantha hybrids, sometimes called English primroses offer jewel-tone blooms with contrasting yellow eyes carried above happy bunches of crinkled leaves. These hybrids are annual here. P. malacoides, or fairy primrose is fittingly named for the dense lacy whorls of half-inch flowers in white, reddish-pink and lilac-purple. They also are annuals. P. obconica, or German primrose, produces clusters of flat, single 1- to 2-inch blooms in white, apricot, pink, rose and lavender held above a tidy mound of rounded, scalloped leaves. These may be short-lived perennials. Plant primroses in November in a moist, organically enriched, well-draining soil. Primroses tolerate sun during cool weather, but they are perfect in partial sun to bright shade. Cold-hardy, they will survive our occasional temperature dips into the 20s.

• Primula

Chinese forget-me-nots
Cynoglossum amabile are beautiful with spring-flowering bulbs. They bring true sky blue to the cool-season garden with teeny flowers in profusion on foot-tall plants with gray-green leaves. A reseeding half-hardy annual, the Chinese forget-me-not loves cool weather, but flowers and foliage will burn during a freeze. Cover plants when a dip is forecast. Plant in sun to part shade and moist, well-draining soil.


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I usually forget to pinch

Sometimes I'll pinch them to speed up bushyfication, but even when I forget to pinch, they spread out on their own. One of the many things I like about impatiens.
Mine are really starting to flower now, too. Each plant has had a few flowers at a time up to this point, but with the warming weather and the fact that they've apparently developed their root systems, they're getting to the point where they're covered with flowers.
The ones I have in the ground, the ones I have in planters, and the ones I have in containers, all looking good.
Another great thing about them is that they'll keep on flowering profusely right up until the first frost in the fall

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