Fall Flower Arrangement Tutorial

April 21, 2014 – 06:47 am

Have you ever went in Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and saw all the beautiful flower arrangements, only to notice the outrageous prices they charge for them? I have and thought to myself I can do something just as beautiful for way less than what they charge. I’ve made several arrangements and wreaths over the last 2 years. They are very simple and very easy to do.

What you will need:

  • flowers ( I would suggest a bouquet of artificial flowers or 10-15 single stems)
  • accent pieces ( how many you need depends on the size of your arrangement. this one i used 5)
  • foam (green)
  • wire cutters
  • floral tape
  • floral wire ( could come in handy)
  • vase or bowl
  • knife to cut the foam

First take your foam and cut it so that it fits snugly into your bowl or vase that you will use. I used a pumpkin shaped bowl I had bought years ago, it was perfect for this project! I suggest doing this outside or put a bag or newspaper underneath, it can be messy. Next, gather your flowers and accent pieces. If your flowers are in a bouquet, use the wire cutters and cut them off but not super short. Leave the stems on each flower long for now. My accents pieces were all on separate stems, so there was no need to trim them just yet.

To get started arranging them, you’ll need to shorten the stems on your flowers. How much you will need to shorten them will depend on the size of the bowl or vase you will be using. I do them one by one and arrange them into my bowl. In the first picture (on the left) I have 3 flowers in and 1 accent piece. In the second picture on the left there’s 7-8 flowers and 3 accent pieces. Sorry there are not more photos of this process, I got too caught up in arranging and re-arranging the flowers So please forgive me for that. Keep adding your flowers and accent pieces, stopping every so often, taking a step back and see how it looks. If you aren’t pleased with it (as I was not) remove a few and place in differently until you see something you just love. Don’t rush, take your time. As I was arranging and pulling stuff out to put back in differently, one of my accent pieces broke away from the wire part. To fix something like this, just use some floral tape to re-attach it to the wire.After a good 45 minutes, I was happy with my arrangement and added the last of my accent pieces. I did a little more tweaking and add some of the leaves off my bouquet of flowers around the edge of the pot. I thought it needed a little more green The light brown pieces in this arrangement are actually feathers. The pumpkin bowl is one I’ve had for years and it was perfect for this. I can’t wait to set my table for fall and have this as the center piece. My husband actually said this looked like something you could get off 1800 flowers, and I suppose he is right. I, of course, am my worst critic so I don’t think it is that good. But it did make me feel pretty good hearing him say that

I must add in that this cost me roughly about $17-18 to make since I already had the bowl. At Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, this is something I could easily see them charging around $40 for.

Source: pinkinahouseofblues.wordpress.com

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I usually forget to pinch

Sometimes I'll pinch them to speed up bushyfication, but even when I forget to pinch, they spread out on their own. One of the many things I like about impatiens.
Mine are really starting to flower now, too. Each plant has had a few flowers at a time up to this point, but with the warming weather and the fact that they've apparently developed their root systems, they're getting to the point where they're covered with flowers.
The ones I have in the ground, the ones I have in planters, and the ones I have in containers, all looking good.
Another great thing about them is that they'll keep on flowering profusely right up until the first frost in the fall

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