Fabulous Fall Flower Arrangements!

November 17, 2012 – 10:15 am

fall flowersWhether it is berries, burlap, pumpkins or candy, there are simple ways to bring autumn to your flowers. And in a feng shui sense, why are flowers so important? Well, flowers are ephemeral freshness of each season, a way to bring more nature indoors and a reminder to savor each moment as it is right now!

The berries and the nearly frosted palette are gorgeous, as is the delicacy and balance of the arrangement.

I will never argue with you if you want to put flowers in a pumpkin!

Astonishingly beautiful branches and shades of wine.

This fall wreath- while technically not floral- is super lush, long-lasting and really energizing for an entrance way!

saipuaGive yourself more gifts of seasonal flowers. It is a great act of abundance. You will be so happy you did! xoxo Dana


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pumpkin flowers berries wreath feng shui 101

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Spring flowering bulbs are planted in the fall..

... you have summer flowering bulbs. Summer flowering bulbs are planted in the spring. Plant your bulbs when the soil is warm and dry enough to be workable/friable and a few weeks before the last expected frost. The gladioli and dahlia will bloom this summer. The Dutch Iris will bloon in late spring, as stated. Nothing's wrong. Enjoy your flowers! They're wonderful. I especially enjoy the dahlias.

For summer flowering perennials

I love echinacea, rudbeckia, shasta daisies, poppies. Sedum spectibalis is a beautiful succelent that has flowers from summer into fall and you can leave it standing all winter for winter interest.
Mulch is your best friend for smothering out weeds, retaining moisture and even adding organic matter to the soil. You can google mulch to get an idea and any garden centre can sell you bags of straw or bark mulch. Mulching in the spring saves a lot of work the rest of the season.
Good luck with your garden this year :)

Definitely a flowering quince

And it's one of the easiest shrubs to propagate, by taking cuttings.
I was pruning one of my own quinces[*] last fall. I cut the prunings into pieces about 9" or a foot long, and trimmed each piece to just below a leaf node, pulled off all the leaves, and pushed them into the ground. At least eight of them are starting to put out leaves as I write, one even has a flower bud.
I'll leave them where they are until late summer, then pot them up or transplant them. Some may not make it, but that's not really a problem.
[*] The beautiful 'Atsuya Hamada' aka 'Hamada', named after the gentleman who found it growing wild on the slopes...

Cornell University Press Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama (Comstock Book)
Book (Cornell University Press)

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