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Suggestions for planning a Fall Flower Garden

April 18, 2014 – 06:22 am

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New to the forum. I've posted this in the Square Foot Gardening and the Tips and Techniques too (not sure which is best!).

Basically, I'm just looking for suggestions on which flowers/how to plan my garden so it's full of as many beautiful fall flowers as possible, as cheaply as possible. I want to see if I can grow flowers to add to my wedding decor, so I'm specifically looking at fall flower suggestions (not planning a spring/summer garden).

I am trying to focus on flowers that are in the white and orange color families, so if you know specific breeds I should be looking for, that would help.

I have about 100 sq. feet of garden. Tends to be thicker-clay soil. I don't know if its acidic/alkaline. I'm pretty new to gardening, so I'll take any suggestions....i.e, how to prepare the garden, maintaining it, what flowers to NOT put next to each other, etc. I'm in zone 5.

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I had a fall wedding

And our theme was a 'fall rustic country' setting. All flower pieces included sunflowers, mini white daisies and yellow roses with orange tips, among other small filler flowers. I have pics if wanted. If any of you need help with your wedding let me know. I am a Bridal Assistant and a currently running a promotion to provide my services for Free. Hope this helps!

We are getting married next fall and

Are going with fall colors too... my dress is ivory because I am pretty pale skinned and white white looks too harsh on me. I'd say try on white and ivory and see what goes best with you! My maids and MOH are wearing chocolate brown dresses and the groomsmen will have the same colors. My Jr bridesmaids are wearing ivory. My FH will be in latte brown and we are adding latte brown to my dress....the tie on the corset back is going to be that color instead of ivory. I'm adding some of the rusty/burnt orange shades in with the flowers and pew bows but not too much of it so that it doesn't get too "busy" looking

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