Fall flowers used for wedding

Choosing Fall Wedding Flowers for a Fall Wedding

July 3, 2014 – 04:47 pm


The wedding day is such a special occasion, one that will be remembered and cherished forever. Although weddings are traditionally a spring or summer event, a fall wedding can be just as memorable, especially if the wedding flowers are appropriately chosen to enhance the day.

Fall wedding flowers and their arrangements and uses can be simple or they can be extravagant. They can be used as bouquets, as table centerpieces, or wedding flowers can even be duplicated and incorporated into the wedding cake.

The color of the wedding flowers is important, and usually only two or three colors are recommended for the different applications. Dark brown, chocolate brown, deep red, fuchsia, magenta, and burnt orange are just a few of the colors that are appropriate for a color scheme when choosing fall wedding flowers. However, a third color such as gold or silver can be incorporated into the arrangements to accentuate or brighten the display.

The choices for fall wedding flowers are many and can be used alternatively among the bouquets, table centerpieces, and boutonnieres used. Red roses are popular of course, but the calla lily also is quite beautiful and comes in shades that fit in with the color schemes selected when choosing fall wedding flowers. The hydrangea is a classic of the fall wedding flowers, and is also a very appropriate and very versatile flower, coming in a wide variety of colors that will enhance any theme when choosing fall wedding flowers.

The color scheme is crucial when deciding which fall wedding flowers to use, and this will help to choose the right wedding flowers for the occasion. A red and fuchsia theme can be achieved by using deep red roses, Gerber daisies, or Red Sox calla lilies. A color scheme of burgundy and purple can be found by using magenta peonies, the Picasso calla lily, or a variety of roses including Garnet Glow, Blue Curiosa, Barbados and Rubylight.

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Can't give you specifics sorry

But when I lived Upstate we would go apple picking in the fall in Dutchess County. There should be a Web site with info on this -- here we have the Sonoma Farm Trails with maps and all sorts of info on the crops, seasons, and the farms. Upstate NY is so beautiful! I love it in spring when the apple trees come into bloom. We'd also buy anemones (the flowers) from the flower farms, and concord grapes.

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