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Winter Flowers for your Sacramento organic garden

September 3, 2014 – 03:05 am

Fabulous fall afternoon in

Contrary to popular belief some flowers do enjoy the cooler weather of fall and winter here in Sacramento. As gardeners, it is a good idea to incorporate late fall and winter flowers into your gardening plans. Winter flowers break up the gloom of winter and brighten the garden. They also help to attract pollinators which are beneficial to helping flowering winter crops produce. Another benefit of feeding pollinators in winter is that come springtime you have a healthier and numerous population of pollinators to get your spring and summer garden pollinated and producing.

Below are a handful of flowers that help to keep the dimness out of winter and the pollinators happy. These flowers are a simple yet effective way to add color to your Sacramento organic garden.

Pansy and Viola

Both of these plants do well here through the winter in Sacramento. Given a little bit of shelter from the element they will flourish. We grow them our winter garden, and they seem quite happy all the way through march. They tend to die off or slow down during the heat of summer, but they perk back up come fall. The wonderful thing about pansy or viola is that they come in so many different colors, and many are tricolored or bi-colored. Honeybees will enjoy these throughout the winter. Pansy and Viola do well in container gardens or as border plants along beds or walkways.


The nasturtium grows well in coastal climates all year long. They do fairly well here in Sacramento throughout winter... though they may melt if a heavy frost or cold snap hits. It was 34 degrees last night, and they showed no sign of drooping or frost die off. Nasturtiums are nice because they add a vibrant color along with greenery. Plant them with other plants that take a longtime to perk up between summer and fall. They do well in the ground or in planters, but the DO NOT transplant well. If sheltered, they may grow happily through summer. These beautiful plants also work well on a trellis, but they do enjoy full sun or partial shade. They are a favorite winter flower of mine.


Calendula is one of my favorite flowers. They are always a bright spot in the dreary winter. Sometimes called a pot marigold, they start well in the fall and keep going all the way though June or July. They do not enjoy the heat. They will reseed themselves, and as such, they can be invasive. They are a haven for bees and other pollinators who stick out the winter weather.

Calendula come in this beautiful orange or sometimes in a bright yellow. Both plants are attractive in any Sacramento organic garden. They are low growers, and as such make great additions to containers or boarders. They are striking if planted alongside of Lobelia, with Pansy or Mums.

Source: www.examiner.com

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We only have one acre

And have a 65x90 vegetable garden, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, blueberries, laying hens (9), 2 pair breeding rabbits, plus an abandoned orchard next door full of apples, pears, grapes, and more blackberries. Rabbit's are a great source for meat, easy to raise, don't need much room, and fairly inexpensive.Nearly everything that we grow is canned every summer & fall, and we grow greens in cold frames throughout the whole winter.
Not an inch of space is wasted here on this small lot other than a few flower beds, which I intermixed with onions and herbs. I don't need a farmer, I'm my own

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