Coming Soon: Fall Quilt Market 2013 (part 1)

July 17, 2014 – 06:19 pm

Let’s start with some pretty new patterns?I have been so remiss in my quilt market posts. They are one of my favorite posts to look back on, so I hope you’ll indulge me even if you’ve already seen everything?

I’ll start with fabrics coming out in November. Yikes! All of these pretty fabrics are coming in the next few weeks. I guess I know what I’ll be getting for Christmas.

Jen Kingwell is one of my very favorite pattern designers right now, and she was there with her gorgeous new pattern, Gypsy Wife. Seeing it in person was amazing. There are quite a few patterns I ponder and think about tweaking, but I would make this one exactly as it is.
I also saw the amazing Green Tea and Sweet Beans in real life. This has been on my to do list for a long time and seeing it in person just made the itch to stitch even harder to resist.
I can’t resist showing off her Circle Game quilt as well. This one is incredible. So, if you are looking for a quiet hand piecing project for this winter, I would say these might fit the bill (Gypsy Wife is all machine pieced, however)

Of course, there was a lot of pretty fabric eye candy. One of the lines I have been waiting for is Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander. This gorgeous blend of low volume, saturated colors and just a teeny hint of metallic is the answer to anyone who was wishing that they had stocked up on more of Carolyn’s first line, Architextures.
The quilts Carolyn had to show were incredible.QM Fall 2013-124 f new patterns coming soon as well, so keep an eye out for those. This line with solids should be arriving in just a few weeks.

Another line that is starting to pop up in shops is Dowry. Our little shop will start shipping these gorgeous fabrics starting on Friday of this week (along with Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors range)

QM Fall 2013-123This quilt is stunning. Anna Maria also had a simple pattern that she’ll be sharing using both the True Colors and Dowry line so watch out for that coming on her blog

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this little line that Birch is releasing, but I am so excited for it. I am a big Charlie Harper fan and my daughter LOVES his art. We have a puzzle, and a memory game and a book…but back on track. We are about to have fabric!

If you are a fan of Charlie Harper fabric, this is the range for you! These should be arriving in stores any day now. I will definitely be posting here when it arrives.

Another line I haven’t seen around much but that I am terribly excited for is Mo Bedell’s Hothouse Flowers range.

Mo Bedell is the genius behind the Full Moon Lagoon Line that we have sold out of several times. It will be great to have her fun, bright colors back in stock. I love that she designs for Andover. The basecloth and finishing process that they use is amazing and I love sewing with their fabrics and I really can’t wait for this one!

So is that photo overload? I hope not! I’ll be back tomorrow with a few more pretty shots from market.

QM Fall 2013-132 QM Fall 2013-130 QM Fall 2013-22 QM Fall 2013-20


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