Houston Gardens Can Show Texas Pride – Five colorful flowers you

March 2, 2013 – 09:39 am

Houston Gardens Can Show Texas Pride – Five colorful flowers you can enjoy this fall

By Jennifer Miko

With fall weather approaching, cooler conditions welcome new opportunities to bright­en up your landscaping. There are many wonderful plants to consider that thrive after the summer months. Annuals are versatile and can be planted from a seed or transplant, or grown in a container. They’re perfect for window boxes, lining a sidewalk or adding new life to a perennial garden.

Essentially, annual plants fulfill their life cycle of germination, flowering, and death within a season or a year. They’re the plant kingdom’s version of the circle of life. With the variety of annuals available, Houstonians can enjoy blooms year -round. However, it is necessary to do some research before planting something just because it’s pretty. the growing environment before selecting any plants saves time and money.

There are basic factors to consider when choosing which annuals to plant and where. Some thrive in a dry or wet soil, and others prefer a rocky terrain. And although the sun is not as strong in the fall, it’s important to select plants that can tolerate full sun, or choose plants that need more shade. Depending on the species, some plants must be watered daily or less frequently. After the environmental conditions for the local annuals have been determined, gardeners are still left with a large variety of blooming plants to choose from in our growing region. Annuals can be chosen for their specific color, or if the area can accommodate short, tall or climbing plants.

Source: houstonlifestyles.com

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I want to add some flowers

To my backyard, but I have a small budget. I was also hoping to have something that is bloomin in the summer and then maybe plant seeds for flowers/plants that would bloom in the fall or winter. I'm very new to gardening, can you recommend what I should do? Should I just go to Home Depot and ask some one there or would Yard Birds be better?
Thanks for any advice!

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