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March 14, 2014 – 11:29 pm

Grown in his Bristol, RI

We recognize that a floral retailer today has more options for buying flowers than ever before. Regional wholesalers, despite changes in name, location, and ownership, continue to dominate flower sales. But they are now joined by an increasing number of brokers offering flowers by telephone or on-line. More and more Miami brokers call retailers(frequently not disclosing that they are brokers) offering "farm-direct" flowers. On-line brokers have also proliferated offering flower auctions or other selling systems.

Almost all of our flowers really do come from top quality growers with whom we deal directly. Because of our close relationships with many of these farms, we know when the flowers are cut and shipped. Many South American farms ship to us almost every day. We go to great lengths to expedite the transportation to Fall River and to maintain a temperature controlled environment. We use a state of the art real-time inventory control system enabling us to sell with confidence flowers that have not yet arrived in Fall River and deliver them to customers very soon after arrival. And finally, we have an efficient and punctual delivery system using temperature controlled vehicles. In each respect, we surpass what any of our competitors are able to do.

Although all businesses selling flowers to retailers promise top quality flowers, what really matters when it comes to the quality and freshness of flowers is the farm where the flowers are grown (and the post-harvest system of that farm), the time it takes for you to get the flowers once they are cut, and the conditions under which the flowers are kept (the temperature and handling of the flowers) between the time of shipment from the farm and delivery to you. To fully appreciate why our system results in better, fresher flowers, it is important to understand the process by which flowers are grown and made available to retailers. Although most retailers think they have a reasonably good understanding of this process, the process has a richness and complexity few retailers truly understand.

Source: fallriverfloristsupply.com

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You tell me that love has no home in your heart, because it tore your decorated walls of trust apart.
Distorted your beautiful flowers that you planted with passion, while the soil overflow with tears.
The fabric that you also call your skin has been unstitched, bruised and color fading.
Pieces of glass lie scattered on the carpet from the broken window, that has now distorted your view to see clear.
The pantry that once had food for your soul is empty with residue of pessimistic that the pest feed on.
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