Flowers in the fall (or “It's still summer here in central Florida

August 14, 2013 – 06:54 am

DSC_7391Bird of a paradise.

Another type of bird of paradise.

This one looks like it has teeth.

Pink and purple.

Flowering cactus.

Some type of lily?

Palm tree

Some web sites call this bitter pear and some call it bitter melon. It is edible when green and then turns toxic when it turns orange and opens up. They are cool looking. I wonder if the birds try to eat the seeds.

Some type of banana plant.

I did not change the color on this. There were purple snow peas growing on a vine.

Bamboo in front of a waterfall.

Another type of bird of paradise? I think this is my favorite one.

A few test shots from my trip to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. The gardens looked really good. They must have done a lot of recent work on the grounds. They were setting up for a wedding in the rose garden when I was there one early Saturday morning. Soon they’ll have the Christmas lights up. That’s when I start to feel like it’s Christmas. Maybe the weather will cool off by then.

DSC_7399 DSC_7402 DSC_7408 DSC_7422


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You might be able to flower them once

But they won't come back the next year.
Most tulips are native to the Middle East, where the winters are very cold, and the summers are hot and dry, with little moisture except in the spring as the snow melts. They need winter chilling, and they also need a dry, warm dormancy in summer.
In Florida you can't provide those conditions unless you own a home Climatron.
To flower them just that once, buy them as early in the fall as you can, pot them up, then put them in a cold refrigerator for some months. The temperature doesn't have to be below freezing: something in the range from 35F to 40F would be more than adequate

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