Rustic DIY Fall Centerpiece Tutorial

August 12, 2014 – 12:06 am

How to Create a Fall CenterpieceHello lovelies! It’s a gorgeous fall day in NYC and it has me dreaming of fall weddings! If you’re planning a DIY fall wedding, you are going to FLIP over this awesome tutorial from our friends at Blooms By the Box! They’ve put together a colorful fall arrangement and given us the nitty gritty of how to create it just for our readers here at BSB! Are you planning to DIY your wedding flowers? If so these tutorials are perfect for you! xoxo- Jessica

The harvest season provides a golden opportunity to use vibrant colors and unique textures in floral designs. It is absolutely the most ideal time of year for rustic weddings with natural, austere color palettes.

Putting together flower centerpieces and bouquets has proven to be a wedding budget saving hero. Many couples decide that they want to splurge on other items, like the venue or honeymoon with the cash they save on flower arrangements. Making DIY flower arrangements can save up to $2, 000 – $3, 000! Although, many times that means scaling down the size and amount of arrangements to make it do-able. This arrangement in particular is very affordable. We selected spray chrysanthemums in bright colors to create high impact at a low cost. The key to DIY flowers on a low budget is to select a focal flower and affordable secondary flowers that create impact through color and texture.

How to Create a Fall CenterpieceFLOWERS:, yellow cushion, red cushion mums, red pompon daisies, yellow button mums, green button mums, orange, , and .
SUPPLIES: Rustic, , 1 block .

Put Together the Arrangement

1. First, once you receive your wholesale flowers, you will need to re-hydrate them. Cut the stems under warm running water on a 45 degree angle using your floral scissors. Place the flowers in room temperature water with flower food and let them hydrate for 6-12 hours before arranging. During hydration store the flowers in a room temperature area out of direct sunlight or any direct hot/cold draft.

2. Cut down your floral foam block using a knife. Make the cut so the foam it will fit in the liner of the vase as pictured below. Then, soak the floral foam in water with flower food. Place the foam in water and remove it when the foam is fully submerged and no longer releases air bubbles. Return the floral foam to the vase.

3. Adding greenery to the foam first will allow you to create a general arrangement shape. More importantly, it will enable you to use less flowers while covering mechanics like floral foam.

4. Add the roses (the focal flower) down the center of the arrangement.

5. Take 1-2 stems of the red pompon cushion, which has multiple blooms per stem, and cut each individual flower. Insert each small bloom into the foam so they surround the roses and greens. Repeat these stems with your other red spray mum, the red daisies.

6. Repeat step 5 with the yellow cushion mums, the green button mums, the yellow button mums, the brunia, and orange safflower. As the foam fills up, turn the arrangement to make sure there is an even spread of flowers. It is important that when using this many colors and textures that there is balance. Each flower should be evenly spread throughout the arrangement.


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I need some advice about my centerpieces. I have two versions I'm trying to decide between - a smaller flask with all the same flowers, or a bigger flask with a variety of flowers.
Can you help me decide which one would look better on a 5 foot round table for my reception?
I would like the guests seated at the tables to be able to see each other, so personally I'm leaning toward the smaller centerpiece.
Do you think this vase of flowers with the leaves underneath it is enough? Or does it need more - maybe candles or mini pumpkins?

Fall wedding ideas?

I am getting married on October 30, 2010! Woo Hoo, finally booked something. We wanted a Halloween wedding, but was too difficult for our guests and planning. We compromised and will decorate the lobby in Halloween theme and keep the wedding formal. (Since I want to wear my dress all night! lol) We need ideas for fall flowers and centerpieces. Thought of "fancier" jack-o-lanters. or maybe a pumpkin arrangement. not sure of what kind of flowers to use. (getting married outside at the reception location.) I appreciate any advice anyone has to offer. Thank you!

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