Fall Flowers color for wedding

The Best Colors, Flowers and Floral Arrangements for a Fall Wedding

December 11, 2012 – 11:47 am

Here are some rich fall colors

The bountiful colors of fall create the perfect palette of reds, yellows, purples and greens to use in a Fall wedding. Formal or informal, a fall wedding allows you to pull flowers, colors and arrangements from an almost unlimited amount of ideas. The colors you decide to use for your wedding set the stage for this special celebration, and since fall is traditionally a time of gathering, celebrating and preparation it only follows that your colors should reflect that image.

The following are some ideas to help you choose the perfect colors, flowers and arrangements for your own fall wedding.

Best Colors For a Fall Wedding
Most of the time thinking of Fall reminds us that the flowers around us are dying and the leaves on the trees lose their color and fall. But, Fall also fills the world with rich and decadent colors that provide the perfect visual inspiration for a wedding. Just like every other season it is best to pull from the colors that naturally appear around you for a Fall wedding. Vibrant yellows, deep burgundy, rich reds and golds are the best colors choices for a wedding in the fall.

Choosing Flowers That Are in Season
Even with the blooming season coming to an end, there are several floral choices available and in season. One of the benefits of using flowers that are in season for your wedding rather than flowers that will need to be shipped in special, is the lower cost of the flowers. When you buy flowers that are out of season they can cost you up to twice as much as they normally would. Don't be afraid to choose more than flowers either, fall is a great time to incorporate grasses, leaves, dried flowers and small fruits and vegetables into your bouquets and floral arrangements.

Best Flowers To Use For a Fall Wedding
Flowers that will be in bloom in the fall include, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, several varieties of lilies, Gerber daisies, zinnias, roses and jasmine. Flowers such as asters, cosmos, carnations, and gladiolas all make great filler flowers for arrangements. These are some of the best choices, but again you don't have to limit yourself to just flowers. Ornamental grasses and wheat make great arrangements and bouquet options for your bridesmaids.

Floral Arrangements That Work Best
Fall floral arrangements look best when they reflect the beauty of the season. Therefore, design floral arrangements for yourself, your bridesmaids and for your tables that pull from the natural beauty around you and include all aspects of it.

Source: voices.yahoo.com

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Sylvia, congrats on the wedding, when

Is it? Black -- I guess it would be great in some settings and maybe best for a Fall/Winter wedding? IMO.
W/ red accents could be very pretty and certainly very Catholic and Spanish, yes. Sounds dramatic and a bit darker and more intense than what we often see in the U.S. I think with red flowers (make it "deliberate" and use the accent color in other accessories) it will be beautiful.
Good luck w/ making those plans. I know there are a lot of details to pull together. As you said, though, it is ultimately about marrying the many you love!

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