Flower Arranging Using a Pumpkin Vase

February 20, 2014 – 02:22 pm

pumpkin and flowersI have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It can be such a fun source of ideas, inspiration and lust. It can also drive me frickin’ bonkers with the overload of matchy-matchy parties with fifty different desserts all piled on a table- are we trying to put six-year olds in a sugar coma? And I have yet to meet a kid that likes to drink out of one of those paper straws regardless of its cuteness.

Back to good Pinterest. Spotting images of pumpkins filled with fall flowers got me thinking. Pumpkins are everywhere now in such a wide range of colors and textures. Why not venture out of the traditional fall color scheme? I grabbed a white pumpkin we had bought at Von’s and used it as the base for this floral arrangement for a friend.

It was quick to pull together, this whole project from cutting the pumpkin, to scooping out the seeds and picking and arranging the flowers took fifteen minutes. And it was all done in my terry cloth robe— the real world of blogging.

First step is to cut a hole and hollow out the pumpkin. pumpkin flowers pumpkin flowers pumpkin flowers

Source: eat-drink-garden.com

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I go three to four times a year to the one where

My great grandmother is buried. It's a small private cemetery and the family who owns it has it mowed, but I go out and get rid of old dead flowers or faded silks and put fresh ones and in the fall and winter clear debris and leaves, also clean up her's and grandpa's stones.
My grandmother is buried in a big cemetery and they don't even allow flower arrangements or headstones, just little plaques, so I only go there once a year.
DD loves babies, and she thinks of K_____ as her's to share for some reason, lol. K______ is such a good baby she almost gives me baby fever, almost, but not quite.

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